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S&X kissy by eveningwalk

Mortal life is brief for the rebel angels

Spent the weekend in Rimini at my aunt's. Took pretty pics of her doggy running on the beach. Will post them later.
Anyways, when I got back home I downloaded all my emails (like 150, and 140 of them were spam) and, oh noez, my LJ account is going to expire in like 3 days! Not cool. My LJ account should never expire. It's just wrong, right. Let's write a petition to stop Ila's LJ account from expiring. :)

On a brighter note, made a little (silly) something for averita who writes pretty Six/Nina fics and send them to me when I can't check my emails. I hope this will inspire you to write more, because we all need more Six/Nine in our lives (even if someone doesn't know yet).
S&X kissy by eveningwalk


Stolen from cool_rush.

For those of you who don't already know, there has been a strike scheduled for Friday, March 21st, 2008, during which we hope to have many members of LiveJournal provide LJ with absolutely no content for twenty-four hours. This means no posting and no commenting. If you post elsewhere and have it set up to be posted through a feed on LiveJournal, don't do it. Stay away from LiveJournal for twenty-four hours. That can't be too hard, can it? I know some of you are probably quite active on LiveJournal and will find it hard to stay away for an entire day, just as I will, but this is something that needs to be done, to show the people running LiveJournal that we're watching the changes they are making, that we're paying attention, that we're discontent, and that we want to be heard and taken in to consideration. We are not simply users who can be tossed to the side and ignored. We are the people who make up LiveJournal. Without us, without the content we create, without our words, our voices, our creativity, our participation, there would be no LiveJournal. This is a fact, and it needs to be realized and understood and then taken in to consideration when making decisions regarding the way that LiveJournal is run. The strike is only a few days away, so there isn't all too much time to prepare. While this is unfortunate, it isn't enough to keep this strike from taking place. It will take place, the second it is meant to, and it would be best to have as many people take part as possible. Please, spread the word. Spread it fast. There are only a few days to organize this. If you find that you care about LiveJournal or care about the people you interact with on LiveJournal or simply want it to remain a place where you can entertain yourself without constant censorship and money-hungry practices being thrown in without the consideration of those who use the service, act now. If you don't wish to spread the word, that is fine, but please: refrain from using LiveJournal on Friday, March 21st. Do something else for a change. It's for a good cause.

For background on this strike and why it is being held, please read the following posts:

To find out exactly when the strike begins and ends, depending on where you are located, please see this:

What's this about?
* It's about free and ad-free LiveJournal accounts being abolished for new members, ignoring the advice from the newly-formed Advisory Board.
* It's about LJ staff trying to sneak this decision in under the radar, and when people found out, telling the users it was done 'to make the signup process less confusing'.
* It's about LJ staff failing to apologize for trying to hide the facts from view and for lying about the actual reasons for their actions.
* And finally, it's about the latest decision to hide certain user interests from the list of Most Popular Interests, some of them being fanfiction, bisexuality, sex and depression. This decision was not announced or explained in any way. Users found out for themselves.
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S&X kissy by eveningwalk

I'm gonna have to buy a pretty new dress.

So, apparently, I'm gonna have invitations for the Emmys for the next 14 15 years. It'll be a waste if all of you invited me the same year.
Yes, that's the result of my friends' cut poll. 14 15 people will become Hollywood stars and intruduce me to Sarah Clarke. Hopefully she'd forget about me every time, so we can start over every year and I can get used to it and, by the 14th time, I'd manage to say something smart.
But, perfectdeath303, things work different for you: you owe me the Golden Globes and the Oscars and, by now, you will have to have Sarah Clarke marry me! To say the least!

(Only) two of you will be my slaves forever. Get me a cup of coffe. NOW!

_spuk_ answered "Whatever. I don't care. Bitch!" That's good, you know, cuz now I can defriend you and talk about you without you knowing. I can't wait to write what we did last friday night. You're so screwed, pretty.

One of you is clearly with the mafia. *iz scared*

Three of you have my credit card's numbers. That's explains me being broke. But leave alone my koalas!

Funny thing is, I forgot to lock the post, so I got answers from people I'm not even friend with. So, in the end, I ended up adding two people, instead of cutting someone. So much for friends cut!
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Friends cut

Poll #997452 _ila_'s friends cut!

It's time for a friends cut. What should I do with you?

Keep me, please!!! I'll be your slave forever!!
Friends cut. Hah! It was about time you realized I despise you.
Whatever. I don't care. Bitch!
Is it Christmas yet?
You don't want to cut me. Trust me. *hides knife behind back*
Dude, I'm the best! Why would you wanna cut me? :D
If you cut me I'll... I'll... kill myself! You don't want me to die, right? RIGHT?!?
Did I mention I have your credit card's numbers? Just thought you should know before defriending me... (And if you cut me, I'll come to your house and steal your koalas, too.)
If you keep me, when I'll become a Hollywood star, I'll invite you to the Emmys and I'll introduce you to Sarah Clarke. I promise.

Anything else you want to add?

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S&X kissy by eveningwalk


I have the nicest friendslist and non. :)

Got some months of paid accound from mekare_enra - thanks honey! - and from an unknown nice person - who are you? -.
And a big gift certificate I'm still thinking how to use, from another unknown one - who are you again?

Thank you! :D

S&X kissy by eveningwalk



Your LiveJournal paid account for user "_ila_" is expiring in 10 days, at which time it'll revert to free account status.


We want to keep you happy. :)

Die soon.

LiveJournal Team

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