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Kitty and doggy

I went at my aunt's place in Rimini today. Nothing special - grandma wanted to visit her, so she asked me, and we went over, just to say hi.
Ida (my aunt) has a new cat, Ugo, and a dog, Eco. They're not really her pets... they're her husband's daughter's pets. Three months ago she (the daughter) broke up with her boyfriend and moved back to their place, taking with her the cat and the dog. Not really a brilliant idea since they already had two cats. Now, Dorina, the oldest cat, hates Ugo, and Chicca, the other cat, hates the dog. What a happy animal family ;).

Ugo is sooo cute and sweet, with those big greeeeeen eyes. Eco is a little bit annoying, though... *rolls eyes*

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