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You know the best things in life aren't for me.

We finally decided to take the computer to the "doctor" to have the audio fixed. The audio just wouldn't work and it's not a big deal really, but it's pretty annoying when you have to switch computer only to be able to listen to a song. I guess the tech guy forgot to connect some cables or something last time he had it. Actually, last time he macgyvered with my computer he formatted the whole hard disk for NO DAMN REASON. I swear, if he formats it again I'm gonna punch him in the face. Real hard. (Maybe in true 24 fashion.)
I told dad, when he was leaving, to remind the tech guy the dangers of messing with my computer, 'cause Hell hath no fury like a woman whose hard disk has been formatted.
Plus, in that very hard disk there's the first season of BSG I managed to download so far. So he better be careful.
I really really really really hope we'll be able to bring the computer back home tomorrow.

And if you're wondering how I can post in my journal if my computer is at the tech guy's lab, well, I have to say I thought you already knew I have superpowers. And a notebook too.

P.S: They said tomorrow's gonna rain! *finger crossed*

EDIT #1: It's not raining.

EDIT #2: The tech guy just called to say the computer is fixed! :D I can only hope that in such short time he couldn't format the hard disk...

EDIT #3: He managed not to do any damage. Heh.
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I think my computer is dying... Heh. Suggestions?

Kill the damn machine off.
Defibrillator! Charge! Clear!
Save and format.
Don't do anything. It WILL work.
Ask Santa a new computer.
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