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_ila_ // 300 - I am not not your queen

Another wasted moment realising we're not real

I had to take a break from the Lena/Queen Gorgo painting 'cause tomorrow we're gonna celebrate my grandma birthday and I didn't know what to get her... so I kind of cheated and made a watercolor painting. I'm sure she'll appreciate it and all, but sometimes I really feel like I'm cheating, you know, not spending any money like everybody else. Oh, well.

What do you think?

For this I took inspiration from a picture I saw in a website of Japanese watercolor paintings. I really liked the image of the two birds on a cherry tree, very spring-y and very delicate, so I basically just painted my version of it.
Life - Shower scene by fragglebo

I'm drowning in my mind again.

I have been painting a lot these days, inspired by the wonderful Dani Reese fanmix that fragglebo and nebakanezer made.
The painting doesn't really have anything to do with Dani, but it's a subject I've always liked and really wanted to give it a try and paint it with acrylic paints (which are kinda new for me). The music really accompanied and inspired me while working.

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S&X kissy by eveningwalk

If you find me, hide me, I don't know where I've been...

I've finally finished the painting. The acrylic one. For some reason I have a bad sorethoath now, not quite sure why. Guess it has something to do with the fact that when I'm painting I don't realize that time is actually passing and I often end up working for 6 hours straight without drinking or eating or anything. Plus acrylic paints smell really bad.
And I totally ruined my white lab coat (the one I was supposed to wear during chem or sculture classes at school but that I'd always forget home - cuz I was smart like that), pratically spread the whole palette on it. And you know acrylic paint can't be washed away... Meh, I'm such a mess when I paint. That's why I wear all useless clothes. I'd probably manage to paint my underwear too if I wasn't wearing layers and layers of clothes. And the coat.
I tried to explain mom how bad it was, before actually showing her the disaster. But she was like, "Oh, there's nothing the washing machine can't fix." all proud of her washing machine skills, and I'm like "No, you don't understand: it's unrecoverably, palette-spreaded acrylic dirty. *shows the coat*" ans she gets all thoughtful (which is not a good sign, so not) and ends up saying "Wow, it looks like on of those weird shapes that the psychiatrists use to understand if you've been abused as a child or if you'll become a serial killer and stuff like that. I think it looks like a... um... seagull covered in oil maybe." Man, wonder what that says about her... should I be worried?
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And, feeling very artistic these days, I also posted a few "Life" icons you can find here.