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_spuk_ said "you do all the piccing, 'right?" and she kept the guidebook and the map. So we got lost a ridiculous amount of times and I barely remember the name of these places/buildings.

Santa Maria Novella Church. The outside was being renovated and had all kind of structures covering the facade, so I took this picture from the yard inside.

Detail of a sculpture on the outside of church I can't remember the name.

Piazza del Duomo. From left to right: the Battistero di San Giovanni, Santa Maria Del Fiore cathedral (known as the Duomo) and the campanile tower designed by Giotto.

A horse having lunch in Piazza del Duomo (for _spuk_).

Another view of the Duomo.

Piazza della Signoria. Ask _spuk_for the name of the statue.

Bartolomeo Ammanati's Fountain of Neptune.


David of Michelangelo in front of Palazzo Vecchio. I believe this is a copy, as the original should be inside the Accademia.

This is the statue of Perseo holding Medusa's head. You all know the myth, right? ;)


David is looking at Perseo and thinking "Hey, nice catch, dude!" (I have another picture where the statue on the right looks like is thinking the same... But I didn't want to get too obsessive about this Perseo thingy, so I left it out. ;))


Baccio Bandinelli's Ercole and Caco. (That's the dude who's looking at Perseo! :P)

Ask _spuk_.


The Arno river.

Ponte Vecchio.

Picture of the Arno river taken from Ponte Vecchio.

Little shops (mostly jewelleries) on Ponte Vecchio.

We did not manage to see much else, since we spent a lot of time queuing to get into the Uffizi Gallery and to actually visit the Gallery.
I personally had the most fun listening to the guides touring the American toruists (and I learnt a lot of things too). There was one, in the Santa Maria Novella Church, who I think didn't spoke a word of English but was still trying to explain this painting to a small group of English people, so he would go like "See the... *gesticulates* hum... the... the... *waits till someone suggests him a word* what's the word in english... erm..." LMAO I wanted to follow him everywhere!
In  the Uffizi Gallery we probably were the only Italians, so we could say the craziest things about the sculptures and the paintings... You would've never believed I went to art school!
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