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Now, you breathe and you leave your fingernails alone.

PENNY: I'm Penny Johnson Jerald, I play Sherry Palmer. I'm here with one of the finest man ever. What's your name hot dude?
JOEL: I'm Joel Surnow, I play executive producer on the show, and co-creator.

J: President Palmer is giving a little BS to the press because things are starting to heat-up.
P: And he's believing every bit of it, isn't he?
J: Yeah.


J: Now, here's America's favourite couple.
P: I know!

[NINA: Shut up, Jack! Shut up!]
P: I love when she says that!
J: It's really incredible for us to think about where Sarah Clarke started, as just the nice, dutiful subordinate to Jack, to where she is now. Really, a year later, it's a completely different character, yet it was seamless, we never felt like -- oh, she couldn't be this woman carring this gun.
P: I think that's so true because I think you use the eyes, her eyes really told her story, that's why it's completely believable.
J: I agree. And I think Dee Mansano, our make-up person, did a really good look of making her paler and a little more gaunt-looking.
P: Yes, hollow.
J: Yeah. Just add a real believability to it.

P: This scene here is a classic "hatred end eye" kind of scene.
[Note: I'm not totally sure of what Penny said here, I couldn't understand if she said "hatred and die" or "hatred and eye" or "hatred hand eye", lol, or what else. But I guess the meaning is clear anyway, isn't it. :P And I wanted to keep it cuz it gave me an excuse to add another Nina pic! :D]

J: This was a big controversial scene...
P: Yeah, I was about to --
J: What did he say to her?
P: Yes, exactly, that's what I was gonna say. People actually called me up to ask me, what did he whisper in her ear? And I said "Take a guess."
J: Well, I know.
P: He could say almost anything.
J: But there's a cupon inside your DVD box to send a 20 dollar check to me and I will be happy to tell you what he said.
P: Damn, Joel, that's pretty honest. I'd charge 50. For that secret, absolutely.

P: Oh my gosh, he is so good to look at!
J: The other guy is handsome too, isn't he?
P: Well, it's not bad, but there's something about the Syed character...
J: You know, his father is Anthony Quinn.
P: Well--
J: No, it is, literally. That's Francesco Quinn!
P: Let me look at this face here, ok. Cause I've just watched Anthony Quinn in "Revenge" because I find him very sexy.
J: He's one of Anthony Quinn 320 children--
P: Oh my gosh. Well, he did a pretty good job on this one.

[Clock fading to black and "commenrcial break"]
P: Now this is when I exhale. I held my breath.
J: You call your friends.
P: No, I don't accept any phone calls and dare not call my home!

P: Look at the comparison between Dennis and Kiefer, just in terms of the manly looks. You have this clean cut very presidential man with power, and then you have this rugged look of this man who's going to save the day. I love it!
J: You're getting me excited, Penny, stop it.


J: Alright. Another manly man.
P: Yes! Oh, Xander Berkeley.
J: This is Xander Berkeley.
P: I find him extremely talented.
J: And his name begins with the letter X.
P: I know, amazing!
J: You gotta start with that, don't ya?
P: Hmm-mm.

[Another clock and "commercial break"]
P: Ok, now you breathe and you leave your fingernails alone.

J: He's sexy, no?
P: Well, you know, I'm a little older, so I like mature men. He's cute, but I'm not into cute now, I'm into really good looking.
J: You're into the manlyness.
P: Manlyness. That's why they paired us together.
J: Right.
P: Without our partners.
J: Thank you, Penny. I'll be calling my lawyer in the morning.
P: (giggles) Ok.
J: Because my wife is calling him right now.

P: I love all the nice little nuances that Xander has added to his character.
J: When he stuffs things up his nose?

J: Big macho Jack Bauer with a big gun.

P: Not a good moment.
J: It's her boyfriend! He saved her life!
P: Joel, I've been married for 20 years, come on!
J: But she's a teenage girl!
P: I know, but I'm not gonna stop to kiss my man with all that blood all over him.
J: Maybe not you.
P: I'm gonna make sure he's fine and I'm gonna get the hell out of there.
J: Boys 18 to 24, that was for them.
P: I think it would have been sexier if she had kissed him on the neck, with very soft lips--
J: Licked his eyeball?
P: Alright, leave me alone.
J: Alright, ok.
P: I still know about romance, you know.


P: The smell of my man on my hands. Oh God, he smells good. I miss him! I miss it!
J: You've been smelling Harris Yulin's hands.
P: Oh, but I want him! I want my chocolate Hershey bar!!!
J: (giggles) With nuts!
(Penny laughs)

P: Joel, I love watching 24 with you!
J: Now get off my lap.
P: Ok.
(both laugh)

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