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More drama.

I never thought I would have said this, but please, bring back Audrey!!! That dark haired lady annoys me A LOT. That Marilyn Bauer, you know.
She's all like "Ooh, Jack, I knew Graem was a bad guy, I'm happy he's dead. Did that open a door for us?" - "No." - "Back door?" - "No." - "Oh, I know you love me Jack!" - "No!"
"Oooh Jack, am I the reason you went to war?" - "No." - "Am I the reason you joined CTU?" - "No." - "Am I the reason you came back from China?" - "No." - "Jack, love, am I the reason you bought a dog?" - "I didn't--" - "Oh, I knew you loved me!" - "No!"
More or less. Hopefully she will die. Make it soon, please.
If Jack turns his back on Audrey... that will piss me off!
Besides, Kim Raver's show is on unknown hiatus, why don't they bring her back? Add more drama to the soap.

On a more positive note, Sarah and Xander have a pilot together. How awesome is that? And Famke Janssen plays the main character. It's hotness overload!
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