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I did it all just for her.

I just got back from my friends' band's concert. They're called Bubble Girlz. LOL. So, there was this sort-of challenge, with other two bands, Bad Pyre and Vicolo Inferno... Bubble Girlz ended up winning (€200, btw). Probably just because they brought to the party lots of friends, and since the voting method was the more you drink the more you vote... Well, I did my part. ;)

I love Vicolo Inferno, they're so talented! And the singer is so cute! ;) I'm sorry they ended third. :(


Anyway, here the firsts icons I got requests for:

 for whenidream

 for xfairy1013 (Fay, next time an image with a better resolution, please... ¬_¬)

  for amaelgreenleaf

HERE to request and icon.
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