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at 3:15 I heard you leave where did you go? were you alone?

The concert was great! The Twilight Singers live are so powerful, they transmitt so much, hm, rock. LOL
Greg Dulli has such a charming voice, and Manuel at the piano was really good.

They opened the concert with a faster version of Esta Noche, and they continued with some of their more famous songs like Papillon, The Killer, Decatur St., a wonderful version of Martin Eden (during which we -the audience- never stopped clapping our hands), Fat City...
And, after a brief break, only Dulli came back and sat at the piano and played a touching Love (one of my favorite songs). Then also the other members joined him on stage and after two songs Manuel, who was playing Dulli's guitar, went back at the piano and Dulli started to act crazy singing a piece of an Afterhours' song "voglio un pensiero superficiale / che renda la pelle splendida / a salvarmi, vieni a salvarmi, salvami" (I want a superficial thought / which makes the skin beautiful / save me, come and save me, save me); his Italian is so funny ;D
They performed another couple of songs, and in Black is the Color of my True Love's Hair also Manuel sang and it was wonderful.
At the end of the concert, Greg Dulli announced that "voglio comprare la vostra anima. Quanto costa?" (I wanna buy your soul. How much does it cost?) and "grazie Rimini, non vi dimenticherò mai!" (Thank you Rimini, I will never forget you)</font> and this time his italian was better. ;)

Oh yeah, a really cool saturday night.

The Twilight Singers rock! Amen. :P

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