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New Year's ReVolution

A couple of weeks ago I got asked about my New Year's Resolutions and I really couldn't come up with anything smart. I mean, now that I even (finally!) got my driving licence - which had been in my New Year's Resolutions list for like 5 years - I was out of ideas.
Then, days after (basically today), I started doing some serious thinking about my life right now and I realized that there are many things that need fixing.

In no particular order:

- Clean my room before unknown weird animals will come out of it and eat me while I sleep (and possibly keep it tidy and/or clean it more often when it needs it).
- Find a new job.
- Update my LJ more often.
- Fix the website and update it more often.
- Get organized.
- Renew my passport.
- Be a better friend.
- Sleep more.
- Learn something new.
- Finish the painting(s) I'm working on.
- Stop falling in love with the wong people.
- Stop thinking about that one person who stole my heart ('cause it's just not getting me anywhere).
- Stop feeling hurt whenever that one person don't reply the way I espect her to reply ('cause, seriously, no wound and no blood: no need to feel so much pain).
- Stop punching walls whenever I feel hurt and wanna break something ('cause, if you really wanna break something, a wall it's not gonna do it).
- Stop sending SMS to that one person 'cause they all go ignored and that's not cool.

These could change, especially the last ones, 'cause I'm pretty pessimist today and feel like nothing can go the way I hope.
Well, I should manage to come up with more resolutions, 'cause I want a 2009 full of... life.
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