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Dinner with my co-workers and Brazilian party didn't go as bad as I thought it would. Clearly I wasn't dressed to kill - I just can't pull it off - but nobody really seemed to pay attention to it, so I stopped feeling totally out of place. I mean, I wasn't 100% comfortable, but I enjoyed the night.
The evening didn't start as promising though, cuz Ale wasn't feeling good (she hasn't been feeling good for a while, so it didn't surprise me that tireness and all finally caught up with her) and decided not to come.
The highlight of the night was the show of this Brazilian guy, sort of street acrobat, that took Stella, one of my co-workers, for two of his experiments... He basically lined up four chairs, had four girls (including our Stella) sit in each of them, and, after a short run, he jumped over all of them with a flip. Scary. Then, he took Stella again, picked her up and turned her upside down and put her back on her feet again, in like a second, with no apparent strain, like she was a doll. And Stella didn't even realize what he did, completely clueless, lol.
Funny is, she was waiting for her boyfriend to arrive, and someone mentioned "think if Sandro saw all this" and after a while we realized that he had been standing the whole time right behind us, near the pool, and when Stella saw him, he pretended to be mad at her for "playing" with the Brazilian guy. :D
Man, Sandro is just so funny. At some point he asked me and Samanta "what the fuck are you doing here?", like we didn't belong to that table - as I said, we work in different places (me and Samanta at the ice cream place, Stella, Sarah and Daniela at one sandwich place and Ale, Alice, Agata and Luisa at the other sandwich place) so he probably didn't remember us - and we went like "we work at the ice cream parlour!" and he was all "aaah! I thought I've seen you before!" guess without our bright yellow cap, we aren't that recognizable anymore.
Anyway, he asked me what my name was, but the music was loud and he didn't quite get the answer, so I yelled again "Ilaria!" and he went like "Ah, Ilaria! I thought I heard your name's Sylenia." lmao, Sylenia, and he continued "in fact, I was thinking 'what kind of name is Sylenia?!? A name like that you go at the register and change it!'... So, what did you say your name was?" and I was like "Sylenia!" and he replyed "Right, Sylenia! I thought I heard Ilaria!" and I played along "What kind of name is Ilaria?!?" and together "a name like that you go at the register and change it!" lmao, high five. So for the rest of the night he kept calling me Sylenia.
Then we had the following conversation:
Sandro: So, how is it going with your medical attendant?
Me: What medical attendant?
Sandro: You mean there's more than one?
Me: Actually, I usually date surgeons, but tell me about this medical attendant?
Sandro: You know, that guy--
Me: OMG, you mean Michele (apricot guy)?! Man, that's right, he told me he was volounteering as medical attendant... You know him, dude, condolences. (In Italy, we use to say "condolences" as a joke when you know someone really lame that nobody likes - dunno if it works the same in your country too)
Sandro: Oh, you know? I met him when my mother was at the hospital...
[Realizing the mistake I start laughing like an idiot.]
Sandro [joking]: What are you laughing at ? I lost my mother alright!
Me [still laughing]: No no!
Sandro: She's laughing at my loss!
Me [still laughing]: I'm so sorry, I didn't mean it that way! I was offering my condolences because you know him!
Sandro: Oh, well, that too.
Me: I know right.
Sandro: So, how is it going?
Me: Well, let's just say that if he was the last man on earth and the survival of humanity depended on us making babies, I think humanity would not survive.
Sandro: Man, that was mean. But I'm totally with you.
Lol, I like Sandro! XD
Anyways, we stayed there till about 2am, there was music, people dancing, people swimming in the pool, people drinking, usual stuff. I mostly sit at the table chatting with Agata and Samanta.
At some point I saw a girl with a really pretty gilet and I asked her were she bought it. Samanta was shocked "are you drunk?" Um, what's so wrong now? "Why? I liked her gilet... if you liked her shoes, wouldn't you have asked her where she bought them?" the easiest choice can be the right one, you know... But she was all "No! I would've looked everywhere for them and eventually given up." well, I'm lazy, I don't like wasting time like that. :P
In the end not a bad night after all. I like spending time with the girls even if I still don't know them very well.

Obligatory fashion meme:
Your result for The Fashion Style Test...

Fashion Artist

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The opposite style from yours is Sporty Hottie [Tasteful Conventional Random Sexy].

All the categories: Librarian Sporty Hottie Office Master Uptown Girl/ Boy Brainy Student Movie Star Fashionista Glamorous Soul Fashion Enemy Bar Cruiser Kid Next Door Sex Bomb Hippie Kid Fashion Rebel Fashion Artist Catwalk God(ess)
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