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I think I'm going out of my mind if it's not already gone by now

This is going to be a nightmare. I'm going out with all my co-workers tonight, we're having dinner and, um, not sure where we'll go then. Well, they're not all my co-workers, but we all work under the same person (no jokes here!), in the three places he owns, and we pretty much know each other.
I'm cool with going out together, you know, but I just want to seriously kill who picked the place. We're going to this super chic restaurant/hotel where there's this Brazilian party every Thursday.
I started panicing when the girl who works with me asked me if I was going to wear  high heels... *blinks* Like I have high heels shoes! Luckily I'm not the only one who doesn't own a pair of high heels shoes. They're probably gonna set a table in a corner for those who don't wear high heels. :P Seriously, apparently at this Brazilian party people dresses like they're going at a movie premiere. Not cool. I don't have that kind of clothes! And I can't even pull it off.
I went to the other place to ask the other girls about they're clothing choice. One asked if I was going to wear jeans... *blinks* Like I have other kind of pants besides jeans!
As I said, luckily, also Ale won't try to pull off the elegant look. I told you, they're gonna put us in a corner and we'll want to hide under the table.
I'm probably going to want to kill myself before this night is over. :)
Plus, I made the huge mistake of accepting a ride from Samanta who is always super elegant and good looking. Arriving at that restaurant with her is gonna look like Kathy Bates and Nicole Kidman walking the red carpet together. And I'm no Nicole Kidman.

Today is also my dad's bday. Yesterday at work I made two cakes for him. One had the shape of a heart. :) I brought them home today and we just had a small party. :)
Speaking of cakes, it's funny cuz I always had this nightmare about having people over (like, let's say, Sarah Clarke - in dreams it can happen!) and saying "you just wait here, I'll go grab a cake at the ice cream parlour" and then I'd get caught in some hostage situation or something. And when you have Sarah Clarke over, being late it's not cool. In fact, when I'd come back, the house'd be empty. Now that I can actually make cakes by myself, I hope that my dreams will realize that I'd probably have a good supply of cakes in my freezer.

Now I should probably go kill myself take a shower and get ready for the execution dinner.
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