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Beat this, EW!

So Entertainment Weekly has put Twilight on the cover of the next issue. The pic looks kinda weird though, like someone said, it looks like the cover of a bad trashy romance novel... those my mom uses to read, so she might just lurve that. :P
Did I mention I made my mom totally addicted to Twilight? She's read Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse in like a month, which, I tell ya, it's quite a record for her (she's not a big reader). And now she's dying to read the last book. She's forcing me to order the original version and translate it to her. Like, for real. You just a little bit out of your mind, mommy.
Anyways, back to the EW cover, the caption near the picture says "Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as Edward and Bella in the movie Twilight" so, following the fans' comments, I'll summ everything up like this: how come they both have blue eyes? Where's the contacts? And that hairdo? He doesn't look like that in the movie. And Edward does not have chest hair (LOL). And he's also supposed to be very fit.
And, I might add, why Rob doesn't even have his eyebrows plucked?
So, this is my attempt to making this somehow right. Couldn't do anything about Rob's hairdo, but I did my best for the rest, even though, deleting the chest hair made it look way too photoshopped (even more than it already was). It still looks somehow weird, but at least I got rid of the beer belly. ;-P


My version (aka, why EW should hire better photoshoppers ;-P):

AHAH, I amuse myself.
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