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Clearly I remember from the windows they were watching

New layout! _ila_! _ila_! _ila_!

So Spain won the European championship. It was a good match to watch and Spain deserved to win, so congrats to the team.
This year I tried to watch all the matches that I could, minus Italy vs Spain cuz I was at work (not cool, I had to listen to it at the radio), but I got home in time for the penality kicks - and we lost anyway, so not such a big loss in the end.

LMAO, Sarah! The crazy clothes! And the crazier hair! And Xander sings! Check out #22 Rebecca.

Yesterday one of my former middle school classmates came by where I work, and she was with her boyfriend. Now, last November when we had the middle school reunion dinner, she was saying that she was in a relationship with this guy who happened to be the brother of a guy I knew; she even showed us pictures of him and he didn't really look that good looking (plus, his brother - the guy I knew - was not good looking at all). But yesterday, when I saw him live... Man, he's cute! He looks like Threadless' Ross - so totally adorable. Like, why do you have such a pretty boyfriend? It's not fair. Ok, let's move on or I might start crying.

Does it ever happen to you that one of your fonts disappears from the computer without you doing anything? I think my computer ate Century Gothic... And I'm really confuzzled.

And a meme. Taggey by goa_glows.

The rules are as follows:
1. Pick a hot guy... take a moment to think.
2. Is this really the guy you want?
3. Pick his top 10 hottest, cutest, most irresistible pictures.
4. Tag 5 other users.

Now, I have to say at first I wanted do Freddy Ljungberg cuz he's just really hot and I've liked him since I saw his CK underwear ad many years, then my aunt started obsessing me with this other dude, David Gandy, a D&G model - she basically sent me on a hunt for every kind of picture of this guy ("better if naked" she said...). And then I realized that the second season of Mad Men is going to premiere like tomorrow and I really can't wait, I missed the show so much, so here he comes, the mad man, Jon Hamm. (Who, in addition of being good looking, he's also a great and golden globe winning actor. Just sayin'...)

Simply cool.

I love the black and white, the clothes, his expression... He looks like he's from another time. Totally '60ish.

He looks like such a dork in this picture, with the glasses and all, it makes me giggle. He's so adorable.

Another obligatory adorkable picture. XD

Love this one cuz he looks casual and happy. Great smile. :)

Jon as mysterious Don Draper in "Mad Men". Here he seems quite relaxed for a change, but you just know that deep down something's eating him.

Another b/w cuz he just looks so good.

I mean, seriously, what a profile!

Small picture (found on the W Magazine website, couldn't get ahold of the magazine - yet) but I had to add it cuz the colors, the composition, and the general feel of it are wonderful.

Jon + suit + b/w = hotness!


Matthew Weiner is a nutjob...

...and I'm clearly not.

I had to add this one cuz it's just awesome. Christina Hendricks and Jon Hamm, as Joan and Don, on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Now, I know that the Joan/Don ship is not meant to be, but this pic makes me want to ship them...

All pics are courtesy of, minus the last one courtesy of [info]nebakanezer.

EDIT: AHA, forgot to tag 5 people. averita, whenidream, _omnivore_, on_the_ground, cecism!
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