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There must be some way out of here, said the joker to the thief...

Since I was lazy enough not to write down my thoughts on Battlestar Galactica season 2 right after I finished it, now I'm gonna have to write double as much considering that last tonight I finished watching season 3, too.

I think we all agree that some episodes were totally useless, like "Black Market", "Scar", "The Captain's Hand", but they had some cute scene - possibily Adama/Roslin - for which it was worth watching nonetheless. Maybe.

It really bugged me that Starbuck wouldn't have herself fully checked out by the doctor on Galactica after her stay at the "Farm" (thing that would have saved her a lot of troubles in s3, but I'll get there later). What if they implanted some Cylon device in her body, like a tracking device or a bomb or something. Gosh, I was thinking all the time "are you mentally retarded or what?". And when she's all "buddy-buddy" with Anders on Caprica, I couldn't help but think "am I missing something?" Like, one day she woke up and she was in love with Anders... not that I blame her, Anders is one hot dude but... something was definitely off.

I so knew that there was something wrong with D'Anna in "Final Cut". Damn, of course she's a Cylon, you idiots! That's Xena with blond hair! What were you thinking trusting her! *shakes head*

Isn't it sad that they still haven't found a cure for cancer (breast cancer, at least) gods know how many thousand years after us or in whatever alternate universe they are?

You know how I used to say I loved Number 6 'cause she couldn't die? Well, imagine my face when the good guys destroyed the Resurrection Ship! I was like "Oh no! Now she can die! *cries*" but thank gods they have multiple copies of the Resurrection Ship too. But a highlight about that trylogy (Pegasus-Resurrection Ship 1 & 2) was definitely the kiss between Adama and Roslin. Awww. Cutest thing ever. You know, I couldn't get into the whole Adama/Roslin thing before, but after that I started looking forward to all those sweet Adama/Roslin moments. Also, how awesome was it when the Galactica crew showed Laura the Black Bird with her name on it? That was such a special moment. And LOL at her almost smashing the bottle of wine on the plane and everybody going "Noooo!" and her giggling "I'm kidding."

A totally LMAO moment was when they are on Kobol to find the Tomb of Athena and they enter in this sort of cave with old statues and stuff, which they think is the Tomb itself, but then Starbuck puts the Arrow of Apollo in the right place and they're suddenly transported in some weird place - possibly Earth - and Billy goes "Where the hell are we?" and Laura "I don't know. Tomb of Athena, I think." and Adama "I thought we were already in the tomb." and Starbuck "I think that was the lobby."

The saddest thing of it all was probably when Billy died. First Dee being a real bitch to him (where did this sudden interest in Lee come from anyway?) and then him being killed; not that I cared that much about him, but still. And Laura crying ober Billy's body was heartbreaking.

And then Baltar is President - only after they caught Laura trying to steal the election - and a few more minutes through that episode, you just wish she had gone through with it, instead of "stepping off" and admitting there had been a mistake in counting the votes. Adama told her that if she had gone through with it she would have died a little inside. Well, it's better having a President "dying a little inside" than being pwnd by the Cylons. Yeah, cuz the end of s2 was like "Hah, President Balrtar, we all knew you were a pussy!"

So, season 3. The thing I really didn't like was that the Six inside Baltar's head wasn't as present as in season 1 and 2. Although it was way too funny that Caprica Six had her own Baltar inside her head too.
New Carpica really sucks and it sucked from the very beginning. At least Starbuck had some good meal for four months. Ok, the company wasn't the best a girl could ask for, but at least the satisfaction of killing Leoben and see him suffer over and over again must have been quite priceless. Now, if she had had herself checked out after her return from the "Farm" she would have known right away if it was really possible that Kacey was her daughter. Besides, wasn't that child a bit too old to be Starbuck's? I mean, Sharon got pregnant before Starbuck's little visit to the "Farm" and yet Kacey looks like she's is 3 years old, while Hera is still a baby! Come on Starbuck, use your brain sometimes, ok? That kid was truly awesome though.

And it turned out that on New Caprica Starbuck spent a night of passion with Lee and the morning after she married Anders. Yeah, smart move again. Unless Lee really sucks in bed. :P But in the same episode we also got flashbacks of Adama and Roslin together watching the stars and making plans for the future... sweeeeeeet. I think that scene betweem the two of them felt especially real cuz after so much running and fighting they could finally rest... and they're human beings too, they need some human contact sometimes. :)

It was kind of satisfying seeing Baltar tortured by D'Anna (and then on Galactica). He's such an egocentric arrogant bastard that sometimes you just want to smash his head against a wall. When D'Anna told him that the decision whether he lived or died lied with the Sixes he was all "Tell Caprica that she can't let me die, she needs me! And that she loves me! She needs me, alright!!! [D'Anna walks away] And I need her too. [screaming] I love her too! [to himself] Maybe I should have said that first." LMAO

Baltar's trial was pretty interesting. Defence really made its point, as Admiral Adama pointed out to Laura. I loved the moment when Lee was about to question Laura about the Chamalla and she whispered "please, don't do this. Please." and as Lee continued and asked her if she was taking chamalla she whispered again (recalling the first episode) "Captain Apollo, remember that? I always thought it had such a nice ring to it. And I am so, so sorry for you now." Mary was so amazing in the whole scene.

So, Laura's cancer has returned... Well, good thing that they got Hera back, they could try and use her blood or something, like they did the first time, maybe?

The cutest scene at the beginning of "Crossroads part 2" when Roslin phoned Adama 'cause she didn't wanna get out of bed and she wanted Adama to yell at her and he went like "Get your fat, lazy ass out of that rack, Roslin!" and she giggled "Yes, sir. Okay, sir. Anything you say, sir."
(Also, ROSLIN: You feeling okay? - ADAMA: Says the cancer patient.)

The final five. Actually, the final four. OMG, what if the 5th Cylon is Roslin? No, that can't be 'cause she and Adama should live happily ever after. So, I was saying, the final four. I was spoiled about Anders being a Cylon so when he glared at the President's assistant I suspected that she had a mechanic soul too. But Chief? And, above all, Tigh?!??! No frakkin' way. *jaw meets floor*
And they're like, uhm, ok, we're Cylon... um... let's go back to work. Man, these skinjobs really are flawed, half of them sides with the humans instead that with their own people.

And here comes Kara "Starbuck" Thrace again. My explaination for her being still alive and claiming to have been to Earth? Simple. She used a sort of stargate. You know when she goes inside the nebula thingy and it looks like her ship explodes? Well, that was another kind of Stargate, BSG!Stargate! The Stargate we know is all water-y and every time someone goes inside it looks like they're actually passing through water; this is a spark-y Stargate instead. So she went through the nebula that reminded her of her painting thingy and it actually was the direct passage to Earth. Instead of jumps and jumps and jumps, there you go, sparky!stargate, and you're home.

Ok, I think I'm done. I must have forgotten somehting really important to write, but who cares. =)
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