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Thoughts on BSG season 1

Can I have the second season, like, NOW?

I'm so bad with these things... When I have the whole season of a show I end up watching it in a few days, episode after episode, instead of going, you know, a little bit slower so it'd last longer. I just can't stop myself. I started with the miniseries 5 days ago and today I finished the first season. I couldn't stop watching.

Doctor Baltar cracks me up. Every time they catch him imagining to talk or have any kind of sexual intercourse with Number 6 he's like "ahah! Yeah. I'm fine. Everything's alright." lmao. He always comes up with some good excuses though.
In 1x07 when the Number 6 model shows up for real - named Shelley Godfrey btw lol - and claims to have evidence that Doc Baltar is responsable for the Cylon attack, he freaks out like whoaz. Lmao. When he sees her the first time he's like "yeah, sure, whatever" and Adama and Col. Tigh are confused cause she's real and Baltar still thinks she's only in his mind so he keeps going "so, where's the woman who wanted to see me?" and they're "she's right next to you" pointing to the Number 6 model "Right." That was hilarious. XD

I kind of love it that the human-Cylons are so much into God while the Colonials believes in the gods instead and in these prophecies of the "promised land". I loved that moment when Starbuck is questioning the Cylon dude and he starts talking about God and religion and she's like WTF. It's sad in the end when she realizes that "he's not afraid to die, he's just afraid that when he dies his soul won't make it to God."
And also the whole thing between Baltar and Number 6 and her trying to convert him and all it's interesting.

President Laura Roslin top 5 moments (in episodic order):
1x06 The doctor visits her and propose to give her a shot of something to make her feel better and when she starts rolling up her sleeve the doctor tells her that "it's not that kind of a shot". Her face is just priceless.
1x07 LAURA: If you're a Cylon I'd like to know. - ADAMA: If I'm a Cylon you're scrwed. - LAURA: *giggles*
That giggle was beyond awesome, lmao.
1x10 The cryptic smiles she gives the woman priest when she asks her "But you're not dying... Are you?"
1x10 Laura and Starbuck hug.
1x13 Laura being arrested and getting inside the cage on her own will.

Why when Baltar tests Sharon with the Cylon-detector the result takes only a bunch of minutes to show up, but then in the following episode it takes 11 hours each? And why he doesn't say anything to Adama about Sharon being a Cylon? And why is being all mysterious about the tests?
In general, it seems they tend to leave some stories untold. But it's alright.
Can the Cylons make copies of existing people, or the 12 models they have (as said in the pilot) are all "original characters"? Cuz, in case the 12 models are all originals, in no way Adama could be a Cylon cuz he's older than 40 (those 40 years that took the Cylons to develope the human model if I'm remembering correctly the pilot). So all people who have a known past (pictures of them when they were kids, parents still alive, ect.) can't be Cylons. I get the thing the Cylons can implant fake memories in the models they make, but if you're older than 40 and you were born in the "traditional way" and you can prove it, you can't be a Cylon. For the same reasons (except the 40 years old thing) Lee Adama can't be a Cylon either.

About the finale:
OMG Adama cannot be dead. Of course he's not. He's so not. I mean, it's ridiculous, who couldn't take 2 bullets in the stomach? 50 Cent took 9. Heh.
WTF the Cylons can have babies? It's insane. Big no.
They should have casted Number 6 as the new Terminator in the latest Terminator movie. I mean, she looks like she could kick Kristanna Locken's ass in a blink. And then steal her underpants without taking her out of that red suit of hers. The fight with Starbuck was beyond cool. Too bad they got interrupted.
Baltar and Number 6 in their last scene looked like some sort of Adam and Eve. And considering that, if I got it right, Kobol was the home of the gods (and where the 13 Tribes came from), well, that's pretty... fascinating.
Number 6 is scary. But I love her.
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