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_stellar's Gr4ph!k5 B!N-x

th3/Gr4ph!k5 B!N_
26 April
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Many icon makers have rules for their journals and this one is not an exception! I make these icons and I should be able to set the rules of how they should be used. It's only fair. So please,

-PLEASE save to own server (meaning, save it to your computer and upload from there).

-DO COMMENT. Even if you're not taking icons, I'd love a comment. Your comments are the only way that I can improve and learn what you guys like and dislike. Also, if you take icons I would really appreciate it if you could drop a comment. It would be nice to know what icon was taken, but you do not have to specify. Your comments keep me going, so please please do comment!

-DO NOT IN ANY WAY edit/alter, steal or redistribute my icons. These are my icons and I make them the way I want them to be. They are not meant to be altered in any form. If you want the icon to be personalized with your username, just ask and I'll see what I can do, depending on how busy I am.

-DO CREDIT either at (_ikauns or _stellarr) for icons. Please do not claim the icons to be yours. Please credit in keywords as opposed to in your userinfo.

-You are welcome to use my personal icons from this account, but most of them will be personalized "_ikauns" icons, so it all depends on you.

-Requests..hmm. I will be doing requests depending on how busy I am. Go ahead and make requests, but I cannot gaurantee you an icon.

-And last but not the least, ENJOY! =)

This journal is my little drawer under the bed where I dump anything and everything I make. Unlike the name says you'll see any graphics I deem worthy of being shared, posted here. If you are interested in more than my graphics, then visit my personal journal _stellarr

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Resources for current layout provided by 1greeneye.net. An indepth resource page will be available later here . As for now, the resources will be listed at the bottom of the icon posts.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com First place @ draco_chorus