Baa...*hic*...ahh.. says Frank....

Just for the record,
I just conquered a case of the hiccups,
after trying the breath-holding, water drinking, sugar eating (a hunk of Palm sugar),
breathing techniques, etc.. to no avail.

I decided to chalk the sugar and water bits up to falsities,
in this case, and, since I was cleaning the coffee maker,
decided to chug a shot of vinegar and water.

They drove me crazy for a bit.. over a half hour, but under a full hour.

About 1 part vinegar to 3 of water, followed not too long after by
a glass of water, and they just went away. Breathing techniques (held breaths)seemed
to possibly shorten, and sharpen them, but the vinegar thing did wonders.

I hate the hiccups.

Now I'm going to crawl in bed and hopefully not be punched. :P

Women's Clothing.

Who, on this whole loopy bloody fucking planet, is responsible for the design
of the underwire?

This is a FLAT piece of what appears to be almost, but not quite SPRING STEEL,
with sharp edges, placed lovngly inside a soft comfortable garment
worn over, rather, under, the breasts.

it's flat.

it has sharp edges.

sharp square edges.

it's a fucking long strip of sharp metal.

What sort of planning went into this?

Yes, yes... support is good. Thanks, Don.
Yes, we like perky. Denise, good one!
Hmm.. Lace is nice, lace is nice.. Harold, good work as always..

Mister Adams, yes? "Well.. We've got this load of piston rings and scrap metal
we've collected 'round the office, and figured we could sharpen 'em up and throw 'em in there... a few pointy bits to liven up the whole package, eh? Maybe toss in a couple thumbtacks?"

... We'll have to vote on the thumbtacks.. we've been using them in an accupuncture experiment to sort of dull out the common sense in the room.. so. . you only get the first one... make em sharp, and make em flat and make em razorlike.


"Well.. I propose.. a .. simple rounded formed semicircle of graphite or plastic.. Any twentieth century material really, would do, so long as it didn't have the ability to rend flesh.. with, of course, safely rounded ends, as well..."

... Why on earth would we do THAT?

"Oh, and maybe racy see through bits."

Racy bits it is.




It sounded funnier in my head. :P


I like sitting on the floor
eating vegetables from the fridge.

Happy New Year.
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(no subject)

I miss Orange .
I feel as if I'm
helpless miles away
I find myself in horror,
as I watch her dance away
and I sit here
I should have acted,
or embraced her
in some other,
more perfect
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(no subject)

The plate before me
sits warm and steaming
beside an all too familiar

decorated with blue lines
a classical artful array
stolen from
grandma's china cabinet
and treasured as finery

too much sadao
among these vegetables
so carefully prepared
and thinly sliced
lightly simmered

I taste spiderwebs
strands of hair
and dirt
chewing shards of fiberglass
I've used far too much

(no subject)

almost randomly conspired
stringing together the days
half asleep productivity
futile - dragging extension cords in the rain
to find they'd never reach
yet you
stop me
tell me
our bed is ready
and hold me
cold and weary
through the night
and wake me up
to pancakes
and peanut butter

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Photographic memories :)

A few more photos
where we found nature
and a pink ball
in the streets and woods
of hidden magic

Our Pink Ball meets a lantern. :)

The tunnel, after the fall :P

Brena's movie poster; pink ball radio.

Where some things can navigate stairs,
and some cannot...

Our pink ball stops to appreicate the hidden art,
in a small patch of unpainted brick wall...

A corner
hidden from the wind
navigating the wanderings
of a favorite, perfect, toy.
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tap water

it was a lightly hazy evening
you had to remind me it'd be alright
and by a fire tended regularly
but enjoyed late in the evening
we heard bears and things in the trees
we had drinks and things in the trees
and a bit of something I'd nearly forgotten how to appreciate
but realized it was among the things I'd been wanting to share
and realized it was among the things
I am now very fortunate to have shared
we sat a while and watched the glowing screen
and laughed with friends
lost ourselves in the warmth that is us
and you poured a glass of water
as we drank of each other
a moment not to be wasted
the words floated into my thoughts
as you walked away
with a cup of water
and I followed into the darkness of the stairs
and into your arms
where we had to remember
something we'd said
not a moment
to be taken for granted
but savored
when time
is ours

Creative Banking

Join me on an adventure
of a gallon of water to drink
and shower
because I've got paint on my hands
and temple
and hair
Off to do some creative shady banking