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Let the weary drown in tears

You cant save her. No one can.

name unknown
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She constantly has her foot in her mouth, she is depressed a lot and has no life, she's a cussing and spitting preacher's daughter, she has trouble walking up and down stairs, she'd rather hang with a few guy friends and be immature then hang out with a group of girls, she's so bad at sports that if you make her play soccor with 10 year olds you most likely will have to peel her sorry wounded ass off the ground, she likes to think and read novels while she sips her coffee [but she hates the library], she likes to dress up and wear heals, she likes to get dirty with her brother, she loves to kill spiders, she likes to watch lightening, she likes running around the block with her sister while it rains, she loves to sing any silverchair song at any given time, and she loves to stare at the ceilingfan while she listens to rock music. That is the strange girl known as Lauren.
If I sound appealing to you after all the psycho things I've said, comment and ask to be added. I'll most likely add you.

Pssshhh, what a LOSER!!!!!

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Add brazenfaced cause she owns! She's my best buddy on LJ!!! <3 I love you, Val!