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Fri, Mar. 7th, 2008, 02:43 am
General Elections 2008

Least did I think I would end up starting a political topic, but with all the current issues going on around us, as well as the "mamak stall" hot topic thesedays, I can't help but put two cents of my thoughts in the upcoming General Elections.

Sure, we're still too young to vote/make a change.

In all truthfulness though, do we really make a difference?

I see myself most likely voting for the opposition based on several reasons. Mainly however, I've experienced first hand treatment from BN due to my unlucky stint in National Service. Boy, won't they be disappointed if they find out that after spending millions on these ungrateful kids that went for NS to teach them regarding "Bangsa Malaysia yang aman, damai dan bersatu padu", they end up voting against them. I have no qualms over this because I see NS as a simple ploy to feed the public and to show that the government actually "cares" for the public's kids. If there was one thing they wanted to brainwash us in NS, it would be the intergrity between all three races. Intergrity my ass. Being the observer and not wanting to get involved, I find myself most of the time in between two different "cliques". It is as though both of these two different races come to me to liaise with one another. How is this experience in life going to make any difference when we grow up into fine young adults?

I'm not saying however that I'm an opposition voter through and through. I still cannot exactly put a picture of PAS and DAP forming a government together. How in the world is that going to work out? It will be like reliving the NS days once again and they'll only communicate through a neutral source. As I've seen how things ended up to the "public" (in this case, my company Bravo), two very diverse minds simply cannot put their heads together. All sorts of rumours and exaggerated "desas desus" will find their way through eventually. So to all BN critics, have you ever thought about the outcome of a government with leaders that possess entirely different visions from one another?

For me and probably a lot of other voters, I believe all we want to see would be a government that is able to put the economics of Malaysia successfully on the map and to reduce the diversity between every single one of the public. BN is promising just that, but why in the first place are they going through lengths just to make sure that they will get back on power? If you fight for a cause that the public agrees on, that is quite enough to win you their votes. We see BN bribing and gerrymandering making them extremely desperate to retrieve power again. This is where the opposition will start poking at and if they continue to successfully probe the idea of BN being absolute megalomaniacs, they might just be able to mess up the majority of BN votes.

So again, how do we play a part here?

I think the answer here lies within how we've been drilled back in high school regarding the intergrity that is UMNO + MCA + MIC = BN. The 20-something-year olds would see that BN is doing pretty damn fine all these years even without their support. So why bother?

A small part of me is rather eager to see how this would all turn out in the coming elections. For the most part though, I think the results will most likely affect my decision of voting come 2012.

Wow. I actually care?

Fri, Mar. 7th, 2008 09:24 pm (UTC)