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Ai's Journal

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14th February 2004

12:31pm: Heh...
-coughs- ugh..stupid dust
It's been what....uh....too long since I last updated?....ah well....
I've been doing other things...well not really...we got a kitty a week ago and I'm making it my responsibility to get it more used to our house...except for the fact that it meows SO FECKING LOUDLY! -.-

-goes off into singing...thing-

Peaches come from a can, they were put there by a man..ina factory down tooooownnn....

-comes back-

Stupid, stupid song...
This coming week at school is also spirit week...oh yay...a bigger excuse for preppy girls to wear their pink pyjamas....just PEACHY.
Then there's Disney Day...I'll have my keyblade...so no one better piss me off -.-
And so on and so forth....
To pee or not to pee...

In other news...
the Dukes are gonna win their series tonight...blah blah blah....
Kilik hasn't pulled my tail ina while...woo hoo....
Blah blah...

Darkness, death and disease to all ^_^
(You can't kill me I'm immortal.)
Current Mood: cold

16th December 2003

10:00pm: Lalala....
Yeah...so its real late n im updating, ive been on the computer all day ^_^. In 2 hours I'll be going to see Lord of the Rings Return of the King at exactly 12:01 am wednesday
no sleep for me ^_^
itll be great, me emma shan n dana all stayin up late! woo! I wont probably go to sleep either so at school ill be extremely tired...bleck..who cares..its only school...someone (jared) will probably shove me into a wall and ill just fall over...yeah that sounds good...im gonna have to tell a few people how it was too....and yeah...ill be cranky....meh whatever
Current Mood: crazy

14th December 2003

6:12pm: ...
Yeah...todays been pretty boring...its been snowing all day and theres little to no visibility...if it keeps up school may be cancelled...i can deal with that....but yeah...a short n sweet entry for today...
Current Mood: bored

13th December 2003

11:40pm: Woo?
Wow..nothing...out of the ordinary has happened to me within the past what....3 days?...same old boring life..went to the game last nite..that was okay...held the door open for one of the stars and i was called a sweetheart...weird people..nothing happened today except shopping...got most of that done, just gotta get a couple more things for emma...i dont think anything else is gonna happen the rest of the weekend either...although i may go to the dukes game tomorrow...bleck...
Current Mood: blah

10th December 2003

5:52pm: Hey there Mr Hinduist,Merry FUCKING Christmas !
Current Mood: energetic
5:21pm: Mmm smores
mm...huh wha?
oh right...
i havent updated ina while o.O
ew liquid marshmallow on me...
guess what
hows that for an entry?
Current Mood: crazy

5th December 2003

1:43pm: zZzZzZzZzZzZzZz
so sleepy...not only am i sleepy..but im ina drawing mood..and im not gonna sleep tonite..blah...kill it all..
Current Mood: sleepy

30th November 2003

3:09pm: hehe
i made myself kitty ears to match my hair ^_^
Current Mood: creative
12:58pm: ...
yeah, last nite was pretty boring...and painful, my stomach was killin me so i went to bed early. im really in an Ai mood today too, (Ai is my half-demon alter ego) and i feel like doing some killing..after i make my ears...and maybe file down some fake nails into points and wear them around...not totally sure yet tho...but yeah, thats gonna be all for now...
-Diablo aka The Incredible Nightcrawler ^_^
Current Mood: amused

29th November 2003

4:14pm: Kick ass!
Just finished watching X2 - X-Men United, kick ass movie! My sis is watching it again, have to say...Nightcrawler is my new hero, in the first movie it was definitely Toad. So yeah...
Current Mood: devious
8:25am: woo?
Last night was pretty nice, it was wet but the parade was awesome, as usual. My mum got overly drunk and was throwing up outside my grandparents house and when we were driving home, we had to stop at a police block. We thought there had been an accident cuz there was a car parked toward the ditch, it wasnt an accident. My godparents had actually been stopped...we thought they had been going home, but they went a diff. way and because of it, my godfather was taken away. (he also had a cup of rum n coke with him in the car)I pointed it out to everyone in the van when the police officer led him by, my aunt could only swear after seein that. This mornings pretty quiet, there's another parade today, I'm not sure if I'm goin or not, and my cousins are comin over after it with their gamecube and some games...I'm gonna go kick some ass at Mario Party. And, well, that's all for me today, I may end up postin again later, but..yeah....
PS: I bit myself today, I'm still not a donut...
Current Mood: artistic

28th November 2003

3:48pm: Whoopdie Freakin' Do!
Todays just been overly shitty...honestly...I had zero to nil patience for anything..I was tired and I wanted to shove a giant...thing down a couple peoples throats...Right now I'm eating pizza and the crust is almost stale...so I'm ripping and tearing at it...good side to it? I'm listening to good music...but its still stale pizza and that cant be tolerated...*glares at pizza* yeah...so...Emma n Shan got their babies today...funny stuff..Emma's went off a few times in Accounting...smart baby...doesn't like account...really smart baby...I'm also going to the bloomfield parade tonite, downside: ill be stuck in the rain with two idiot cousins, two lil cousins and a lot of other relatives...goodside to it all? I get vodka ^_^....even better? its a vodka iced capaccino ^_^ maybe today wont totally suck after all...
PS: I'm still not a donut.
Current Mood: aggravated

27th November 2003

10:29pm: IMA SHIT YAY!
*runs into wall*
Woo, first entry...I'm so..uh..pleased? is that the word I'm lookin' for? Meh..anywayz....I'm not usually one for journals..well not since I started acting and dressing like a guy, but hey, who knows when that was eh? (Grade 6...)
Okay, I know opening entries should probably be longer but fork I dun got the time. Besides mums gonna kick me off if I dun get off....now..so, good day to y'all...
PS. Eric & Fluffy have still not processed me into a doughnut..YAY!
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