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[13 Sep 2004|04:41pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Well..this is my new journal because I was getting bored of gj. I think I'm keeping my gj's just for communites and stuff. The journal kinda sucks right now but when I get more ambitouis I'll try and fix it.

Today,I stayed home from schoolagain. I'll be going tommrow though. Brandon stayed home today too,so I at least had someone to talk to.

well lets start from friday

friday--school.came home.took a shower.got ready.went to the bowling thing.Eric came. then Cory,Brando,and Eric H came.Helhowski kept on hitting on Trina..it was some funny shit. Went home,Brandon n big HELHOWSKIII were gonna spend the night with me n Trina..but Big B got in trouble. In conclusion hes grounded so he went home.It was like 1 in the morning we went to BK and then to the gas station to grab some money.Came home ate,Trina fell asleep I talked to Brando for a little then we hugn up.

saturday-woke up,brando called.umm chilled iwth trina,she left.i showered,got ready,allthat gay stuff.then went to Uncle Kevins,then to CJ's with Ally,Tay,Chels,Bj,J-don,and Addam. THat was kinda gay. Some dude with no teeth hit on me and ally.frightened me. then THEE whitest white boy n two black kids hit on chelsea..i thought it was funny.then some weird kids were like hollar hollar.and then we left.stayed at uncle kevins till like 2 in the morning came home n just fell asleep.

sun-did abosultley nothing but went tanning.

today-stayed home.doin nothing bout to go lay down.


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