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50 you hot

Well today,I went to school. Came home,cleaned,watched tv,just chilled around.Called Cory see if he would take me to the mall. We went to the mall,I bought a shirt from A n F for the la salle dance. I saw Sherry*we went to visit her at work*,Tyson,Elvir,Tony,Mike,Kyle Moran?,Amere,Alec,and a few other people. Don't remember who. Came home got ready found out the shirt had a hole in it found another one. Trina was supposed to go with me and Tiffany but I don't think she felt like it so she didnt. We drove to the coligeate..Their gay and we were like 10 mins late so they wouldn't let us in. De La Salle sucks!It's okay I had more fun doin what I did then going there probaly. So thank the lord Ms.Long waited for us. We got back in the car and drove to the Fraser arena to see the Ford game because Joe was the goalie. We were bored so we called Steve and see if he'd pick us up. He was with Dan B,Dan K,and Trevor. They came we watched the last 5 mins of the game then we all left. We went to Mc'Donalds because Steve thought thats what I wanted,but I didn't. So we drove to Burger King..Yes:)..We ate then we dropped Dan K and Trevor off at Trevors.Steve,Dan,Tiffany and I had nowhere to go so we went to my house. We chilled at my house for a little then they left because of curfew and they still had to drive Tiff home.So much for De La Salle Dance,its okay I had more fun with them anywayys.Well,I'm going to go watch a movie.Viktor said something about coming over to hang out with me?=).So will see how that goes, I don't know though because I got to get up early for my hair appointment..
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