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God i used to hate ford.
i love it now
.pep rally f'n rocked lmaoo i love you guys so much.

well im going to get yet.another hc dress.

tommrow is hc
im pumped

Cory n Lea.their sweet.And they can drop down and get their eagles on. or as donna would say drop down and get their falcons on.

im going to the game bringing my digi to capture all these kodak moments.

all the girls got dressed int he same shirts
its so cute we made em.took 2 days:-d
and we did face paint and stuff cuz were hot.
i'll take pics of tha 2n.

--donnas brother looked hot in all that paint.

2m i get my hair done at 11:45..meaning i have to get up around 8?
pics at leas at 4:00?4:30? not quite sure
i told cory to come over around 3:45 cuz i wanna be early.
limo arrives,buccas,ford high
then to ashleys after party cuz im a mudderf'n not worried about cory not finding anyone to talk to..hes friendly.
i really dont feel like wearing my dress to ashleys so i think i mgonna bring extra clothes and leave it in the limo??idk i donnt know where ot put my dress after but..i'll find something
theres like 60 ppl going.
like 4 limos full..

idk im pretty excited.
..tis all i know

pics will be arriving soon;-)

i don't know what happned to us..<3
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