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Friday--went to school,came home slept for like 15 mins,got ready,was gonna go to the Fitz game with Trina,but decided to go to Ford Vs. Ike at the Utica feild. Went there,saw so many people. I saw Paul,I haven't seen him since the Sterling fest. I didn't sit one time. I had like two dollars left,so Ashley and I got a pizza and a small coke. That became commuinty and 20 people had it. I think Danny was the last to have my coke.He ate the ice. Ton of people there.Utica,Ike,Ford,Shelby,Malow,Eppler,Bemis.I seen people from all those schools. Went home,called a buncha people on the way home. Came home,made a hotpocket,and went to bed.

Saturday(today)--Got up,cleaned,showered,watched Rugrats All Grown Up like 4 episodes,cleaned more,blowdried,makeup. Ms.K n Amanda got here. Went to Hoops with them and the whole soccer varisty team was there.They served us. It was sweet. Mike and Matt came.My family,Amandas mom,Mikes family,and Zachs family were all there. Stiffler got Amanda and I like 20 cherries. Amanda and I were contemplating writing on the bathroom walls. Decided not to. Came home around 8. Lea came over,we made milkshakes.Talked to Danny,and a few other people. Watched Dirty Dancing Havanan Nights.She left,and now I'm here. Tommrow I'm supposed to go to the movies with Tiffany,Dom,and Vince which should be sweet,cuz I haven't see Dom and Vince May. I don't know how thats gonna work.

I'm supposed to hang out with Figueroa but I don't know how that will go. The last time I seen him was almost a week ago.

Funny..I went upnorth and I called him,and hes upnorth and I havent heard from him once.

Well,I think I'm going to go to bed. I'm so tired anymore.

Goodnight one and all.

Homecoming Game pep shirts.
anyone intrested.
let me or lea know..
were gonna get 2g next weekend and make em.
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