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50 you hot [12 Nov 2004|07:48am]
[ mood | tired ]

Well today,I went to school. Came home,cleaned,watched tv,just chilled around.Called Cory see if he would take me to the mall. We went to the mall,I bought a shirt from A n F for the la salle dance. I saw Sherry*we went to visit her at work*,Tyson,Elvir,Tony,Mike,Kyle Moran?,Amere,Alec,and a few other people. Don't remember who. Came home got ready found out the shirt had a hole in it found another one. Trina was supposed to go with me and Tiffany but I don't think she felt like it so she didnt. We drove to the coligeate..Their gay and we were like 10 mins late so they wouldn't let us in. De La Salle sucks!It's okay I had more fun doin what I did then going there probaly. So thank the lord Ms.Long waited for us. We got back in the car and drove to the Fraser arena to see the Ford game because Joe was the goalie. We were bored so we called Steve and see if he'd pick us up. He was with Dan B,Dan K,and Trevor. They came we watched the last 5 mins of the game then we all left. We went to Mc'Donalds because Steve thought thats what I wanted,but I didn't. So we drove to Burger King..Yes:)..We ate then we dropped Dan K and Trevor off at Trevors.Steve,Dan,Tiffany and I had nowhere to go so we went to my house. We chilled at my house for a little then they left because of curfew and they still had to drive Tiff home.So much for De La Salle Dance,its okay I had more fun with them anywayys.Well,I'm going to go watch a movie.Viktor said something about coming over to hang out with me?=).So will see how that goes, I don't know though because I got to get up early for my hair appointment..

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[11 Nov 2004|12:27am]
[ mood | tired ]

Haven't updated in years.

Been pretty busy lately..

Umm not much to say
Today was okay
kinda boring and i was tired

Tiff,Tara and I are gonna look so cool tommrow

umm tommrow i gotta go to the mall then come home get ready and go to the salle dance w// Tiff and Trina.Pretty excited about that,not the dance part,but being with cool trina and cool tiff.

saturday i get my hair highlighted and cut at 11:30 then im going to the mall to grab an outfit for adams party and ryans..

sunday im not sure yet

i REALLY need to get a new journal..

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[17 Oct 2004|08:48pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

k,so im over him.
weird ayy?

yeah i know,but its not gonna work out.will never go back out.its over.i know it is.and im okay with it.but im still gonna keep this journal cuz im to lazy to make a new username.

Free agent PLAYA.

so now i just need someone to sign me?;)

i got relationship probs;enough said.
yesterday i was all depressed over him
cuz im cool like that?and now i dont
even care if he got a new girlfriend.
i just wanna be his friend._______<3

k so i just lied.
i like him a teeny
eeny weeny bit.but
im okay with us not
being 2g

today was sweet.i guess
i popped my collar.got
some odd responses to that.
and i wear a shoelace around my
neck cuz im kinda sweet,and it
looks really cool:-d:-d
i wanna go to HCO with Curry
today but i think hes still
pissed at me..whatever.i didnt say

things that are makin me sad right now
1.I miss Alex Leitch.Yeah,weird.Poor kid
got locked up and they wont let him out.
We aren't even really that best of friends
,but he was one of my fave people in health.
And now health is utterly boring..Very boring.
2.I got so much homework,I'm so stressed out.
3.I don't know how to begin with being single,
I broke up right with Elvir,but I already had
a realtionship "started" with Figueroa.So I
really havent been single for oh say..9 months.
4.I hate seeing my friends sad and theres
nothing i can do about it.:-/

Things that are making me happy
1.My b-day party is coming up
3.The day after halloween
4.The day after that.
5.My birthday=)=)
6.I love my friends.

k..so im done


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And if young love is just a game.. [17 Oct 2004|01:34am]
[ mood | blah ]

then i must've missed the kick off

friday-went into school 7th hr.came home,cleaned.Ryan came over we chilled for awhile then Lea came over.Ryan left.Trina came over.We all hung out till like 11.they left..watched a movie did some homework from being absent and shit.passed out

saturday-got up cleaned showered got ready.chilled around the house,my plans switched like 100 times.first i was gonna go to the haunted house mom said no.dom was gonna come ove,but he was havin a poker party with the guys.cool,so Paul and Stefan came over,tiff came over.we all hung out.the boys left.me n tiffany hung out till like 11 .went to pick my mom up from some party.she thinks she can be matchmaker with all her friends sons,kinda PO'ed about that,but i did look pretty cool walk in with a De La Salle pilots beanie because i am a polish princess.went to bk.came home and now im talking to some people on the internet.sweet--

yeah,so my love life totally went down the drain,noone compares to him.so sick of it.whatev if it's meant to happen it'll happen. i need a reason to get over him if hes not gonna like me.its just wasting my f'n time,and i hate that so much.whatever i dont know i dont care.my whole attitude on the situation changes daily.tommrow ill probaly be all emo and stare out my window and write songs about how i miss him...naw probaly not but i will be emo about it prob.

leave me a comment.

love yas


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[14 Oct 2004|08:52pm]
*picture was here
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[13 Oct 2004|12:57pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Sat-Homecoming was awesome.I love my friends.
Sun-Nothing big;Fig and I broke up:-/.
Mon-didnt go to school;cancer doctor,the village got some stuff.
Tues-didnt go to school;really sick.
Wed(today)-didnt go again.sick but not as sick as yesterday.
Thurs-seeing if Cory will come over 2m cuz i dont think i'll be much fun to hang out w// today.
Fri-something w// Trina.
Sat-something w// Lea.i think..paul wanted to come over.and dom wanted me to
Sun-nothing yet.i think i might ask Cory to drive me out to sommerset.i wanna go to hollister=)

Happy Birthday Cory!!

i love you=)

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[08 Oct 2004|05:56pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

God i used to hate ford.
i love it now
.pep rally f'n rocked lmaoo i love you guys so much.

well im going to get yet.another hc dress.

tommrow is hc
im pumped

Cory n Lea.their sweet.And they can drop down and get their eagles on. or as donna would say drop down and get their falcons on.

im going to the game 2n.im pumped.im bringing my digi to capture all these kodak moments.

all the girls got dressed int he same shirts
its so cute we made em.took 2 days:-d
and we did face paint and stuff cuz were hot.
i'll take pics of tha 2n.

--donnas brother looked hot in all that paint.

2m i get my hair done at 11:45..meaning i have to get up around 8?
pics at leas at 4:00?4:30? not quite sure
i told cory to come over around 3:45 cuz i wanna be early.
limo arrives,buccas,ford high
then to ashleys after party cuz im a mudderf'n pimp..im not worried about cory not finding anyone to talk to..hes friendly.
i really dont feel like wearing my dress to ashleys so i think i mgonna bring extra clothes and leave it in the limo??idk i donnt know where ot put my dress after but..i'll find something
theres like 60 ppl going.
like 4 limos full..

idk im pretty excited.
..tis all i know

pics will be arriving soon;-)

i don't know what happned to us..<3

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[03 Oct 2004|07:23pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Friday--to much.god i love you girls you are just to much f'n fun.
sat--wow i love you guys too!
sun--umm cool,chilled mostly

mudddaafuhhs i got my homecoming dresss!!!


now all i gotta do is get my hc tickets and im set.

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[02 Oct 2004|11:14am]
[ mood | bored ]

Went to Barrymores.Haunted House.SWEEEET.Was very scared.

thats it

Sarah Zak

i got so much to do.
someone hit me and tell me to get moving

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[26 Sep 2004|08:34pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Well today none of the plans that were SUPPOSED to happen,happened.
So, I went to Great Lakes Crossing.
I looked for homecoming dresses.I think I found one,but it's not my favorite.

I did buy..

and a skirt.

idk why i got the skirt,but my moms cool so so she said i could get it.

..k done today.


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[25 Sep 2004|11:14pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Friday--went to school,came home slept for like 15 mins,got ready,was gonna go to the Fitz game with Trina,but decided to go to Ford Vs. Ike at the Utica feild. Went there,saw so many people. I saw Paul,I haven't seen him since the Sterling fest. I didn't sit one time. I had like two dollars left,so Ashley and I got a pizza and a small coke. That became commuinty and 20 people had it. I think Danny was the last to have my coke.He ate the ice. Ton of people there.Utica,Ike,Ford,Shelby,Malow,Eppler,Bemis.I seen people from all those schools. Went home,called a buncha people on the way home. Came home,made a hotpocket,and went to bed.

Saturday(today)--Got up,cleaned,showered,watched Rugrats All Grown Up like 4 episodes,cleaned more,blowdried,makeup. Ms.K n Amanda got here. Went to Hoops with them and the whole soccer varisty team was there.They served us. It was sweet. Mike and Matt came.My family,Amandas mom,Mikes family,and Zachs family were all there. Stiffler got Amanda and I like 20 cherries. Amanda and I were contemplating writing on the bathroom walls. Decided not to. Came home around 8. Lea came over,we made milkshakes.Talked to Danny,and a few other people. Watched Dirty Dancing Havanan Nights.She left,and now I'm here. Tommrow I'm supposed to go to the movies with Tiffany,Dom,and Vince which should be sweet,cuz I haven't see Dom and Vince since..like May. I don't know how thats gonna work.

I'm supposed to hang out with Figueroa but I don't know how that will go. The last time I seen him was almost a week ago.

Funny..I went upnorth and I called him,and hes upnorth and I havent heard from him once.

Well,I think I'm going to go to bed. I'm so tired anymore.

Goodnight one and all.

Homecoming Game pep shirts.
anyone intrested.
let me or lea know..
were gonna get 2g next weekend and make em.

[25 Sep 2004|09:24pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Umm a message to all my fellow friends.

we need to do pep shirts for hc game.
cuz were KINDA sweet

talk to me and lea if your intrested..
will be having it like waht next weekend?

so let lea or I know if you wanna do it.


--Sarah and Lea

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[23 Sep 2004|04:20pm]
[ mood | worried ]


umm i need a homecoming dress
and the girl who i wanted to do my hair
is off on the day of hc so i'm having a heart-attack.

shit i need to do
-get a dress
-get shoes
-get nails done
-keep tanning
--make my makeup appointment.
--go to danielas to drop off moulah.
--buy mine and cory's ticket.

aerobics is gr8=)

haha me n tiff are taking strenghth training next yr.cuz will look sweet lifting weights.

things i got to do today
buy shoes
buy face stuff
go to danielas to drop off my money
study for bio
be ready at 7 for dance.
make appointment?

get cory and my ticket
make appointment?

2m im hanging out with Trina..were going to the mall..and lea wants us to go to the varsity game..idk
sat-im hanging out with Lea..idk what were doing
Sun-im hanging out with fig..and movieing it up with Tiff,Dom,and Vince

note to self--look for job.I need money.

<3 brando

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[21 Sep 2004|04:13pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

wedding was hot

about to go to the game with Fig n Helhowski.


Keith Lemon,Mike Avery-


that was for you guys.

math i tried to do my homework,couldnt.so i worked with rami,sammy,and some drew kid.

i dont like them.except for rami n sammy.

Sammys his real name.sweet

they wont let me out.

people on the way home like to hate on me and trina cuz were cooler.the only ppl who arent mean to us is..
Anthony and Steve.

aerobics made me smile.

i love danny,tiffany,ashley,and rachel.

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[17 Sep 2004|10:12pm]
This doesn't really concern anyone out there..but I'm doing it so I can remember..

2m schedule(sp?)

8:30-9:00-wake up get ready
10:30-12:00run around
12:45-2:00?-bath and get ready
2:00-3:00finish,drive to church
2:00-???? wedding
???-5:45-hotel and re-get ready sorta
5:45-6:00-get to the reception
6:00-12:00-reception player
12:00-??? wait for the love to arrive and then party at the hotel with him and the cousins..
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[17 Sep 2004|03:23pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Woke up,showered,got ready,picked up Danielle and Trina. Went to Now and Zen had theeeee slowest lady EVER.She didn't even know how to make my smoothie so I just said screw it and grabbed a bagel and water..Which then took about oh 10 mins.Usually it takes about 3 mins smoothie and everything. Got to school..
1st hr-Colored all hour..pretty easy. lmaoo steve"how i'm princess squawks alot"
2nd hr-Spanish..fire drill. i was uberly happy cuz i got a sinus infection and the cold air cleared up my nasal passages...ohuu that lasted about 1 min.
3rd hr-Health.omgggg Trevor put on my dance shoes*their like flip flops with pink stuff their sweet* and i put on his converse..i looked like sucha ninny..i took those off and walked around in my socks and modeled with Mandy.thatttt was sweet.Cept Alex n Joe were makin fun of us.Oh well they aint got the attiutde like us.
4th hr-aerobics..lmaoo tiffannyyy ohh aerrobics is sexual today.danny watching us.he thought we were high.lol Danny,Tiffy,Rach,and Ashley i lovee you guys.
5th hr-lunch..umm i put on dannys as sherry says"scientific glasses"and jake throws a cheezit at my eye..didnt hurt..so hes like here see if this works and he throws a water bottel full of water and heavy may i add at my face and that HURTT.he squished my nose.i played slaps with danny cuz im kinda cool.and i wasl ike im a pollock and he slapped me..GAYY
6th hr-math..did the lepchuarn thing.pretty sweet merdeith made me do it over n over again.
7th hr-english.watched the simpsons.i love that class..
on the way to 8th hr me n ashley get alot of money and buy a cherry coke
8th hr-drama..i love that class..i mean blowoff..freakin zack and dawn were playing with their cells they didnt care.me,chris,ashley,and linds were all drinkin coke and eating and stuff and she didnt care.and me gjon and ashley were all listening to music. i was so excited gjon had my song on his cd!i was like listening to satisfaction felt so cool.

bus ride home stared at Steve(Tomzcks older bro)the whole ride home.He isnt even that hot..but hes got really good style and his hair is hot.So me n trina thinks hes PRETTYTYYY smokin.

tonight..im going to the mall,getting my nails done,tanning,and then not quite sure..

the weddings 2m..
my hair//makeup is at 12:00-1:00.

figs going to the wedding hotel part.im so excited..i havent seen him in like a week today lol thats a record...idk i miss him..

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[16 Sep 2004|05:08pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Yeahh..well I came home at lunch time.God I miss a ton of school. I went to the docs.Got a sinus infection,they got me amoxlicylian(Sp?..sorry not a doctor)The pills a friggin tank..

Yeahh so thats cool,I'm gonna just write random stuff today in here,because I got alot I'd like to say..Not like anyone reads this anyway but I gotta get it out.

I would have had dance tonight,but my mom said no running around?What like I'm 5?I'm not really disappointed though,Janelle makes you stretch till you can't walk. I'll defintley get my axel and switch leap this year,and maybe next year I'll have enough guts to try out for dance team.Not quite sure if it's even worth it. I think I would like studio dancing anyway. Maybe Spotlight will give me a chance unlike Gotta Dance. Although I switched studios I'll always have mad love for Gotta Dance. Even though jazz hands were starting to drive me nutty.You'd think after 12 years of dancing and all that money Gotta Dance would even look at me and try to advance me..It's okay though, dance isn't my favorite thing in the world,but I love to free-style. Hiphop is hotter then jazz though..Sorry if ALL THAT JAZZ just isnt me.I love my hiphop teacher though hes so friggin awesome,although he does alot of rolls of the hand.Last class Trina and I were harlem shaking it,but were white so thats okay.And we were crypt walking,because were KINDA cool.

Just got off the phone with Lea which brings me to my other point.Homecoming,yes I am going with Lea and Cory. Which will be sweet,but I wish Fig was going. He hates dancing and he hates homecoming so I'm not gonna make him go. I don't know..
Cory already asked me to prom..he might've been joking though.Not quite sure.If he isn't sweet,because I want to be cool.

Speaking of Cory..he calls and then says I told him to..?
note-to-self-talk to cory about moulah($44)..

Lea is making me a cupcake for 2m,which is pretty awesome because I'm craving something sweet right now.

i love english.

spanish is gay.
mr.cusumano is so HOT
but hes an asshole.
thats for sure.

Health is kinda gay.
Alex Leitch makes fun of me alot.
Kourtney,Jessica Georges,and I were all singing Goodies.
Mark said if I say oh oh oh one more time he was gonna backhand me..So me being the daredevil that I am said it and he didnt do anything.Loser.

Aerobics i left my locker wide open tiffany said..
she shut it for me..after she used my deoderant lmao.
i hate aerobics..but i do like going outside and watching all the strength training boys come talk to Tiff,Rachel and me.thats kinda fun.except for some of em are ugly.except for this HUGE kid.hes got a nice butt.I think he's a senior?Hmm.

My brother just told me Mr.Mastrogines had a pink abercrombie shirt on.May I add hes like 50 yrs old. All the good stuff happens when I leave Bemis.
+Pribac leaves
+Sohlin leaves
+Mr.M wears a pink shirt?

well i'm done..im going to lay/lie down.

<3 Sarah

It's not a lie if you believe it.
It's not a mistake if it's always repeated.

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[15 Sep 2004|06:39pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

$29 By Friday:
John Trina
Ryan Daniela
Joey Kaitlin
Adam Meghan
Cory Sarah Lea
Garrett Jessica
Mike Gabby

Limo 1
John Trina
Ryan Daniela
Joey Kaitlin
Adam Meghan
Cory Sarah Lea
Garrett Jessica
Mike Gabby

Limo 2
Viktor Sherry
Travis Ashley
Matt Krissy
Drew Amber
Kourtney Alyssa
Dave Nadia
Travis T Alicia

Angelia's for pictures- 4:00
Limo pick up at 5:30
Restaurant Reservation 5:45
Leave for Ford at 7:15
Get picked up at 10:00
*Have Limo till 10:30

Directions to Leas


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[15 Sep 2004|03:04pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

today was sweet.

i had alot of fun

i usually doo.

got a good grade on English paper*HOLLAR*she even used a line from it as a good example of imagery.=)


i got a forigen chick for math now which sucks cuz i cant understand her..mr.trombley was sweet.so idk how im gonna do in that class.

today was Joe Joes birthday.
he gave me a skittle.

matt olsen n i were rawckin out
were cool.

spanish is hot.
anthony d was my partner
hes funny.

i was sing L-O-V-E
on stage in drama
for John n Gjon
i think they think im nuts.

Ashley,and I were teachers
and so on..

aerobics suck.
me n tiff n rach
all straightend our hair
with my way cool Duff Stuff straightneer
cuz no way in hell im bringin my Helen Of Troy
and riskin leaving it thurr.

Danny and I were REALLY cool at lunch and ate two pizza things and it was community and we shared my strawberry banana like slush thing.and that was commuinty too.and charmaine said danny was gonna marry mandy and that i was gonna be the hot intern who danny hires and he has an affair.and mandy will be like"BUT I TAKE THE KIDS TO SOCCER WHAT DO YOU DO" i laughed for an hr at that.after lunch i walked to dannys locker with him danny and charmaine then some girl came up and we all walked to mine and i couldnt get the lock to lock on mine and i was like danny im not good with my left hand lock it for me.hes like do you know what that means in greek.. iwasl ike no..and he never told me
then in lunch..Mandy's like..I wouldnt kiss Danny you'd have to pay me or something liek that..and mandy did kiss danny before..and dannys like u have kissed me..i was like i never kissed danny..and i was like i dont think i want to..and then he got sad..but he was madder at Mandy so i think he forgot about waht i said..



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[14 Sep 2004|03:01pm]

was gr8.

Bio-I cleaned up..and Rays like "SaZak grab the paper"
so i did a good job.
Spanish-i liked Johns hair. I guess I deserved a hug for that?umm it was okayy
Health-watched the move with Zach from Saved By the Bell and Dj from Full House.good shitt
aerobics"forgot my clothes"
lunch-was okay..got my pics i look like a poodle.(always do)
math-was okay..i got made fun of again..
requests to be in here.
Anthony made fun of me
Alyssa helped me out
Meredith loves me
English-sweeeet i love ms.ruggerio shes so awesome
drama-john was my partner.stupid man

today im goin to sommerset to buy my hollister jeans and look for hc/shannons wedding dresses.

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