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Icons of Doom

Icons of Doom that are also Evil ;P

Elli's Icons of Doom

MOVED TO iconsinstereo!!!!

This is yet another icon journal maintained by the ever so boring, evilsushi.

+ I make icons out of mainly movies and actors becuase I totally suck. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and my favorite actors are most likely to be seen.
+ I'm elite and all that good stuff. I have posting access at goodhplotricons, pimpicons, takenote_icons, goodswicons & dazzlingdesigns.
+ If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ's first. And I have archived all my previous posts in the memories.
+ I help mod foriconsake (with teh_indy & withpaperwings_).And bigbadchallenge & idiotbox_ch with killprettyx.

Feel free to add my journal for updates, I'll add anyone who adds me first :)

+ Comment if you're taking anything. The more comments I get, the sooner I'll make more icons XD
+ Credit in keywords. It's easy, spreads the news around and makes me happy. _iconsofdoom (there is an underscore in the front) or evilsushi. if you don't know how, I made a tutorial a jillion years ago.
+ Don't hotlink. I will keel you if you do. Plus if my bandwidth runs out, you just pooped on someones party.
+ Don't alter, edit, copy, attempt to copy, redistribute, do anything to my icons except use them and nominate them. Don't think we won't find out, because we always do.
+ When using banners, moodthemes, layouts or anything else. Always credit me in your userinfo. Never redistribute, edit, or hotlink. If I say you can add text to the banner, I mean you can add text if you are using it as a banner. Don't use my banners as bases for icons or other things.

+ Seth Cohen moodtheme is by the lovely spiffydaze
+ All awards can be found here
+ A list of all current affiliates can be found here. If you would like to be one, simply comment.

All icons and graphics are made with Adobe Photoshop 7.0 .