Set of 10 Japanese pattern brushes + img pack

I LOVE traditional Japanese patterns. They're so pretty. So I made some brushes. I made some icons too, but I'll post them later when I've made a couple more.

Anyways, the brushes. They're icon brushes, made in & for photoshop:

Download the .abr file here
Download the image pack here

Let me know if there are any problems/mistakes etc. It's 2am here, so y'know XD ...why the hell am I still up & making graphics at 2?!

- Please comment if taking
- Credit appreciated

EDIT: Ok, the links & files DO work now (if you downloaded from the freewebs link & it didn't work, try again with the new link). Sorry about before.

Set of 14 Scribble brushes & Image Pack

I was bored so I scanned some of my random doodles and made them into brushes ^_^ These were made for icons, but can be used for anything really.

- Made in Photoshop CS
- Please comment if taking
- Credit appreciated but not required

Photoshop Brush // Image Pack
Alternative Brush file // Alternative Image Pack

EDIT: The "come on Alex" bit is from the lyrics of Neighborhood #2(Laika) by The Arcade Fire. I was going to do more lyrics, but ..err I just didn't XD Sorry if it seems odd that it's there.

EDIT2: SO sorry about the broken link. I've uploaded it somewhere else too, so at least ONE of them should work, but if it doesn't try again tomorrow. *sigh* I really need to find a good host.