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up in the sky

and it breaks my h-h-h-heart textures + ...

Happy New Year, everyone! May this year treat you & your loved ones kindly, & give you all reasons for happiness. I wish you all the best with your projects!

Thanks to all of you who friended this journal over this past year, & to all of you who left such lovely comments. It means a lot to me that you guys take the time to comment, even when it's just a few words once & in a while. It's such a sweet feeling to know you guys like my stuff... so thank you lots for that. :)

Today I have some icon textures to share. I'm thinking they're quite versatile, & should work nicely with text-only icons. The zip includes a Photoshop CS2 .pat file, as well as an image pack for lower Photoshop versions, & other graphic softwares.

download (zip)

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Please credit if you take anything. Comments would be lovely. Thanks! :)