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A little note to say that both my internet connection & domain are messing up, so at the moment I cannot upload anything, or access my emails. If needed, you can reach me through this one post. I'll be checking it regularly.

I hope it gets back to normal soon. I have some textures ready to share! :(
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the prettiest cupcakes!

I'll be posting a pattern set tomorrow, but before I wanted to post about these:

Aren't they... so pink?! Mwuahahaha. Jenna & I celebrated a non-official Thanksgiving last Sunday. In England. Because we're crazy like that. We spent the afternoon cooking, & it was soooooo much fun. Everything was so pretty & delicious. Heee.

I took some lovely pictures while in Essex, which I'm thinking I'll share some time... when I feel brave enough to browse my too many folders for pics you guys could have interest in. :)
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impromptu hiatus

Sooo... for some unknown reason, my lovely iMac G5 has decided to fuck up. Big time. It simply won't start up. I have no freaking idea what's wrong with it, but it's wrong. Like, really.

The company's taking it tomorrow, & I don't really know when I'll get it back... Could be 10 days, could be less. Let's only hope I can get my files back.

I'm going on an impromptu hiatus til it's fixed. Now excuse me while I go... sit & stare into space scream hit something watch TV.
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So, I'm back... with a cold. Yay, me! That's what happens when you've lived in tank top & pareo for 3 weeks, & come home to find... apocalypse. I have to wear a COAT. I'm in shock. The end of the world is soon to happen, I'm telling you. ;)

Anyway, holidays were nice & relaxing. I couldn't help taking quite a few stock photographs, to the wonderment of my mother :p. I've already added a few to slapher @ stock.xchng. Others you will sure get to see in a near future, whether as simple stocks, or edited textures.

It seems everyone but me can access my domain. I cannot reach any of my pages, or files. Nor can I get my emails delivered in my Mail account on the Mac. I have no idea what's wrong... but it is wrong. Gah. I can't post stuff if I can't see it. :o/

Thanks a lot for the comments! Also, whoa, so many new friends! :p
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Retro is love.

New layout. It's retro, it's orange, it's simple... & I'm very happy with it. Hope you like it too, for I believe you'll see it for quite some time. ;)

Credits to carriep63 for her most helpful tutorial in everything_lj (here). Fonts are CanCan de Bois, Masquerade, Dizzin Dividers, Dizzin Gemsets, & Century Gothic.