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_iconographer @ livejournal.com
you are what you love & not what loves you back.
Morning comes in Paradise, morning comes in light. 
26th Oct 2008
It's already time for winter hour. I'm going to miss sunlight so much.

Here's one more clouds set, I hope you'll like it. The zip includes a Photoshop CS2 .pat file, as well as an image pack for lower Photoshop versions, & other graphic softwares. Please credit if taking. Comments would rock my day. Merci! :)

download (zip)

Feel free to friend this journal for updates.

CREDITS: polanoid.net
26th Oct 2008 (UTC)
amazing textures... thanx))))
26th Oct 2008 (UTC)
These are marvellous. Downloaded and will credit :)
26th Oct 2008 (UTC)
Oh wow these look so amazing and colorful, thank you so much for sharing :D
26th Oct 2008 (UTC)
So gorgeous... thanks a lot!
I'll credit when I use them.
26th Oct 2008 (UTC)
Snagging, thanks for sharing! These are lovely :)
26th Oct 2008 (UTC)
i love the style! snagging with credit, thank you!
26th Oct 2008 (UTC)
So beautiful, as always. Thank you for sharing them :)
26th Oct 2008 (UTC)
oooooow! So pretty. Snagged them, thank you so much! =)
26th Oct 2008 (UTC)
very pretty!

i have snagged... and you are already credited in my resources...
26th Oct 2008 (UTC)
WOW... they are gorgeous! Thank you!^^
26th Oct 2008 (UTC)
Love the textures (and the use of Sufjan lyrics); totally snagging!
26th Oct 2008 (UTC)

26th Oct 2008 (UTC)
26th Oct 2008 (UTC)
How lovely! Thanks for sharing. :)
26th Oct 2008 (UTC)
take, will credit
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