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_iconographer @ livejournal.com
you are what you love & not what loves you back.
paint's peeling textures 
15th Jun 2006
And I feel nothing, not sane. It’s a hard day for dreaming again...
Please credit if taking. Comments would as always be nice. Thanks!

download (zip)

Credits for stock photos go to brainloc, fugue, & jefras @ stock.xchng ; vertx animation studios... & moi-même ;).
15th Jun 2006 (UTC)
I like the interplay of colors ... snagged; will credit. Thanks!
15th Jun 2006 (UTC)
Love them, snagged them, will credit. Thanks! (I' really needed some new textures!)
15th Jun 2006 (UTC)
Saved and credited, thanks!
15th Jun 2006 (UTC)
Downloaded both! Thank you so much!
15th Jun 2006 (UTC)
Loving the colors. Thanks! =)
18th Jun 2006 (UTC)
snagged, thanks :)
19th Jun 2006 (UTC)
Love the colors! Will credit when used
15th Jul 2006 (UTC)
Thanks! So pretty! :)
10th Aug 2006 (UTC)
really artistic, can't wait to try them. will credit! :3
14th Jan 2009 (UTC)
Taking with credit.
Thank you.
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