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[23 Sep 2004|08:48pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Long time no update. Sorry guys. Here are more icons for you. They're a pretty random melting pot really.


Ashlee Simpson, Foolproof, Kate Bosworth, Rachel Stevens and Scarlett Johansson.

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[25 Jul 2004|12:52am]
Some more icons kiddies. I've also gained a couple of affiliates, which you'll find listed in the userinfo. Hope you're enjoying the icons so far, here are a couple more. Um... brushes from here and for the Summer OC one, someone sent me that base through email to customise, so I'm sorry if it's yours :D Let me know and we'll sort something out. Other than that... I guess that's it :)


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FIRST POST [20 Jul 2004|03:26pm]
Hey guys. Welcome to _iconicstatus. I decided to start an icon journal because I like to make the little things and lets face it, I am incredibly bored and broke in my summer holidays. So this is the first post.

If you need a refresh of the icon market rules, go to the user info, but for those of you are aware, I'm sure you don't need to be told

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This is just a bunch of all the ones I've made so far, hope you like. Feel free to put in a request or two :)


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NB: There's a lot of blinking, so it'll be slow. If you save it, it should blink faster.

That's all folks :D
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