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First and last post of 2007 (go figure)

Jeez not one single update in over a year, uni really does get the best of you :/
Anyway here's some really old crap mixed with somewhat newer stuff. Might appeal to someone, I don't know.

[38]Hellsing: Manga & OVA
[28] Anita Blake -Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures
[24] Patrick Wolf
[8] Mythbusters
[4] Runaways

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close encounter

Hellsing OVA, X-men, Loveless oh yeah!

After a long(!) break I have finally managed to make enough icons to post. I have a few icontest entries (thus introducing a new category in this journal) AND (yay) some Hellsing OVA icons. Hope y'all like them!

Also: Rembember to COMMENT. I've had some people (you know who you are) just taking the damn icons without commenting, that's a no-no! I can overlook not crediting (but please do ^_~) however you really should comment if you want anything. It's like feeding the iconmaker... otherwise; no comments=sad iconmaker=no more icons. It's not that hard is it? *pouts*
Most of you have been really good so this doesn't apply to you <3

[9] Marvel misc. (Runaways & X-23)
[10] X-men
[10] Loveless
[18] Hellsing

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