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open the windows wide

I don't want to be safe tonight...

i feel, therefore i am
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All userpics unless otherwise credited are made by me.

Favorites (outdated like whoa as of 2014)

TV: House ◊ Rome ◊ Generation Kill ◊ Lost ◊ Parking Wars ◊ Supernatural ◊ Weeds ◊ Dexter ◊ Oz ◊ Mad Men ◊ True Blood ◊ Beast Wars ◊ Breaking Bad ◊ Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles ◊ The Soup ◊ Sons of Anarchy ◊ Deadwood

Video Games
Series: Shadow Hearts ◊ Suikoden ◊ Final Fantasy ◊ Silent Hill ◊ Resident Evil ◊ Ace Attorney ◊ Gears of War ◊ F.E.A.R. ◊ Metal Gear Solid ◊ Kingdom Hearts ◊ Dynasty/Samurai Warriors ◊ Fatal Frame ◊ Grand Theft Auto

Individual: Suikoden 2 ◊ Shadow Hearts ◊ Suikoden 5 ◊ Chrono Cross ◊ Legend of Legaia ◊ Psychonauts ◊ Shadow Of the Colossus ◊ Blood Will Tell ◊ Wild Arms 3 ◊ Xenogears ◊ Koudelka ◊ Halo: Combat Evolved ◊ Bioshock ◊ Condemned: Criminal Origins ◊ Final Fantasy 6 ◊ Final Fantasy 7 ◊ Final Fantasy 9 ◊ Final Fantasy 10 ◊ Silent Hill 2 ◊ Fatal Frame 2 ◊ Resident Evil 4 ◊ Kingdom Hearts 2 ◊ Metal Gear Solid 1-3 ◊ Grand Theft Auto 4 ◊ Persona 4 ◊ The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past ◊ Heavy Rain

Anime/Manga: Naruto ◊ Fruits Basket ◊ Dragonball Z ◊ Serial Experiments Lain ◊ Rurouni Kenshin ◊ Death Note ◊ Nana ◊ X ◊ Ayashi no Ceres ◊ Noir ◊ Samurai Champloo ◊ Ouran High School Host Club ◊ Vampire Knight ◊ Romeo x Juliet ◊ Trigun ◊ Darker Than Black

Books/Comics: A Song of Ice and Fire ◊ Watchmen ◊ Y: The Last Man ◊ Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood ◊ Bastard Out of Carolina by Dorothy Allison
a clear blue sky, a perfect circle, aerith gainsborough, alone time, american football, asoiaf, attending baseball games, baseball, battle royale, beauty, being forever alone, big cities, bioshock, blood will tell, boa, breaking bad, bust-a-groove, cake, car rides, cheese, chemistry, chocolate, christian bale, chrono cross, culture, day-dreaming, death note, dicking around, doing nothing, dunkin' donuts, dynasty warriors series, fangirling, fantasizing, fatal frame, feminism, final fantasy series, flying, free stuff, fruits basket, funnel caaake, game of thrones, gears of war, generation kill, getting lost, gifs, gta 4, halo series, hbo, hd tv, heathus christ, hilarious gifs, hot men, house md, hugs, imogen heap, katamari series, kingdom hearts series, koudelka, laughing, legend of legaia, leon s. kennedy, live concerts, lupe fiasco, mocha coolatas, movies, music, nana, napping, naruto, new york yankees, not acting my age, not dying yet, ontd, ot3s, oz, peggle, pharmacy, pocky, poets of the fall, pop, procrastinating, professional wrestling, rap, resident evil 4, resident evil series, rock, rome, running, rurouni kenshin, salad fingers, sara groves, shadow hearts series, showtime, silent hill, silent hill series, sleep, spaghetti cat, sports, squeeing, staying drama-free, staying up late, suikoden ii, suikoden iii, suikoden series, suikoden v, supernatural, tasty donuts caaake, the dark knight, the office, the playoffs, tna, tokyo babylon, traveling, tv, twista, utada hikaru, vast, video game music, video games, vienna teng, watching horrible movies, watching late-night infomercials, watchmen, weeds, wild arms 3, wwe, x, xbox360, xenogears