Interest Icons

Hello again =)
As I am rather short of pictures at the moment, if there are any specific themes or pictures you would like to see iconized, then just post them as a comment and I will do my best to make icons out of them. You are free to include any pictures, though as you probably remember, I am best at just making icons out of stock pictures. =)

Hushed Art Returns

My dear Friends... or what is left of them after a 2 year absence. I would like to inform you, that Hushed Art is back. I am sure no one is interested in hearing about what I did during those two years, but let us just say that first, my lj account got hacked, and by the time it was retrieved I was so busy with school I just decided not to continue. However, I am now finished with High School, my IB exams finished couple of weeks ago, and I decided to continue making graphics.  I am very thankful to those, who have kept this journal friended, and kept commenting on my now very pitifully looking icons. Thank you! 
I will pick up on icon making, and what more, I will expand into the realms of photography, layout making, and so on ;) Hopefully, there is still someone interested in my work. Take care, 
Hushed Art
aka Aisline
aka simply Elisa.