this journal is offically non-existant. i have moved. if you're special, you know where to. ( or if you're on my friends list ;) or both! )


i'm debating on starting to write again * for serious this time * how many of my friends are still alive? Comment here and i'll let you know the name of my new journal. once i create it that is. ( and give me some words of encouragment to start a dang journal and keep it up!) i don't know how many of you still remember me but hopefully still a few. i still read your journals!

holy shit..

as of today, i am offically in COLLEGE.    ... woah.           real update....someday.    all i have to say is Russ is pissing me off! ... i'm 'bout to be single.. who wants a girlfriend?  *cute grin*  haha jk jk ....... maybe..