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27 July 1988
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About:This is just an icon journal that I created over the summer. My love for graphics has just grown over the years.

Icon Journal: This journal is just filled with the many different icons I've made for icon contests. I usually make icons of my favorite subjects. From time to time, I'll update with the journal with icons I've entered in icon contests. Feel free to friend the journal if you'd like, I usually don't make any brushes, textures, etc., or anything like that.

Requests: I usually don't deal with requests since I just make icons for contests, but if I find a time to actually do it then I will. I don't make headers for people I don't know, sorry, I find them really time consuming. But if you would like me to make a icon for you, then I'll see if I can find the time to do it. Just provide me with the picture, what colors you want, and what you want it to say on it.

Note: For this summer, I've been updating a lot since I have a lot of free time now, however, don't expect much updates once school starts in September. I'll try my best to keep making them if I ever get the time.

Terms of Use: Giving me credit is awesome because it spreads my journal, if you choose to not credit, that is fine too. However, I do not want people claiming that they created the icon! For me, that is a big no-no and I will not tolerate it.

Resources & Credits: All credits and resources are listed in my entries, you can find them using the tag system or just go here to find them all. If you're also looking for some good tutorials, check out my memories to find all the tutorials that have helped me make my icons. ^^

Contact: If you would like to contact me, all the contact info is shown above in the journal. I think that's pretty much it, any questions, just comment.