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L33t Character Exchange
A 4, @, /-\ B 8, |3 C (
D |) E 3 F |=, pH
G 9, 6 H |-|, # I 1, |, !
J j K |{, |< L |_, []_
M |\/| N |\|, /\/ O 0
P p Q q R |2
S 5 T +, 7 U |_|, \_/
V \/ W \/\/ X x, X
Y y Z z    



l33+ Name Definition
Leet Elite. Other variations are L33t, l33+, and l337. If you are
leet then j00 are better than others.
haxx0r Hack...if you dont know what this means, get a life (or rather,
lose one).

Extremely 1337 is HaxX0r (note capital X)
fuxx0red Fucked. Also fuxxored (only if j00 r a fucken llama).

Capital X theorem also applies here

(theorem: FuxX0red = 1337).
fuxx0r Fuck. As in "I will fuxX0r j00 up".

Also fuxxor (only for llamas).

Capital X Theorem applies.
fuq fuck
fsck Another version of fuck and can be found at
Little Gamers. One of the best comics online.
spooge cum, as in "i just spooged my pants".

also sp00ge.
phjear fear. Pronounced like fear but with the J, or fear but with a j on the end. as in

"phjear my haxX0r tekniq".

Extreme 1337!575 use phj34r
ph33r a llama version of phj34r. it means fear.

also pheer, or phear.
tekniq technique, pronounce the same. See above.
pr0n porn. Pronounced like Prawn or simply Pron.

Also spelled pron by llamas
llama a Lamer. Someone who is not L33t and basically a loser. as
in "fucken llama"
t00l a general insult, kinda like fuck. also spelled tool.

as in "wot a fucken t00l"
nerf meaning to modify or change in some way, often times making it weaker.
newbie if u dont know what this means then u r one, trust me. also
n3wb13 or |\|3\/\/B13.
n00b s33 "newbie".
Flame to bag the shit out of someone, to abuse them.
0wn rule, wicked, awesome, etc. as in "dam i 0wn" or
"this channel 0wnz". also "own" (only if u r a llama).
pwn Same and Own. Actually a typo from the l33t people
during Quake 1 and in some channels is still used.
0wned If you have been 0wned it means you have been fucked up or
hurt or generally screwed over.

As in "I 0wned j00 in CS" and

"j00 have been 0wned by <insert name>"
l33+ 5p34k LE3T 5PE4K I5 wH3N j00 +4Lk l1kE THi5. t0 uNDEr$+@ND j00 mu5+
Be l3e+. 1pH jo0 4RE noT lEeT jo0 C4Nnot SPe@K or rE4d tH1$.
j00 You. also joo (only if u r a llama).
j0 You. 80's rap version
4|)V4|\|C3D l3e+ $peA|< 4|)V4|\|C3D l3e+ $peA|< i$ whEn J00 +4lK L1K3 t|-|15. t0
u|\|d3r$+@|\|D jOo |\/|u5+ be lEET. 1f J00 4r3 NO+ lEe+ jOO C@|\|N0T 5p3A|<
0r ReAd +|-|I5.
l33+ 4lph4b3+ here are some conversions for basic letters if j00 want to
speak l33+ sp34k ( /-\|)\//-\|\|(3|) l33+ 5p34k h45 b33|\| 1|\|(|_u|)3|)
) :
f-disked fucked. pronounced EF-disked. as in "I will haxX0r ur
computer and it will be f-disked, then j00 will phj34r me!"
Skrut(-whore) A cross between a slut, a whore, a skanky mole, and almost
any other insult to a girl. As in "god, wat a fucken skrutwhore. Also
just Skrut, or skrutwh0re.

l8a later. Also l8r. It is not (despite belief by some newbies)
18a, it is l8a.....yes, that is an L.
sex0r Sex. as in "gimme sex0r!". Also sexor (only if j00
r a llama) or sexx0r (Capital X theorem applies).
suxx0r Sucks. Also sux or suxX0r (Capital X theorem applies).
w00t Happy, yay, [homer]woo hoo[/homer]
also, to be l33+ u must replace ee with ea and f with ph. sO freak is phreak.

but if j00 r l33+ it is pHr34k.


please dont rock me tonight

gina, dudeman, and trainwreck came by today. they hung out most of the day. we house surfed and broke some shit on accident. haha. then we set up the treadmill outside and launched things into the street, including trainwreck. headed out for stolen surlpees. lit body hair on fire. ate all the pie and shit that d u brought home. and thats about it. they went to chicago, i stayed home. xkillsy is playing tonight.

im glad we are hanging out more since they are all going away to college. i didnt know dudeman was leaving.

but, the whole time i was faking a smile.

ex amino
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better believe it


thank you so much the_bees_knees for helping me with my app. i couldnt have done it with out you. since i now have job, i will have money, which means expect some cd's in the mail!

thats right! i have a job. the impossible is possible. i will be working in the deli at wise way. ironic, no? hopefully spending so much time with meat wont cause me to vomit.

ex amino.
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better believe it

its the same day

I am at a loss for words. I never thought I would reach a point where not even a lie works.

My eyes are darting quickly around the room. Not looking to long at any one thing in particular. I am avoiding you again. Avoiding the awkward moments, like when you put your hand on my leg. After all, we are just friends? I am not sure why I’m here anymore.

I try to tell myself to think of sleep. It’s all I want right now. I’m hoping I can fall asleep before I start thinking too much about my life…about life in general. Nevertheless, it does not work, and I’m stuck lying in bed, wide-awake, my thoughts keeping me company. Every once in awhile, I’m interrupted by your sleeping. Before you went to bed, you laid down with me, confided in me. And you fell asleep in my arms. I didn’t want to wake you up, but I didn’t want you in my arms either. So, I carried you over to your bed, covered you up, kissed you on the forehead and said “goodnight”. You didn’t open your eyes, but you smiled. I’m still not sure why I am here.

I remember the last time this happened. Back in September, you were so sure of everything. You said you would write, I said I would call. We would see each other as often as possible. But plans seldom work, especially mine. By October, you decided I just wasn’t working out. But I remember exactly what you said. “You should still visit. (long pause) You’re an amazing boy. I never want to lose you as a friend”. There was a biting vocal inflection when you spoke. Your sentences were concise, direct. Almost sharp. I guess that’s why I am here.

Eight months later, but I am here.

I thought maybe we could talk after the show. But you did all the talking. I smiled, hoping it didn’t seem too insincere. After you went to sleep, I opened the birthday gift you got me. I thought about the birthday gift I had given you… and how I thought it was a bit impersonal and how you thought I knew you really well.

There are two men arguing outside your apartment window. They are a couple. Fighting about how one was supposed to stay sober, so they could drive home. Now they have to walk home, and leave their car at the club. They’ll probably both have hangovers in the morning. So will you. I never seem to drink enough to be hung over. Not that I’m complaining.

I’ll make us breakfast when you wake up. That is as far as I have planned for tomorrow.

But after typing a summary of tonight's events, I realized, I am here because i wanted to say goodbye. There won't be summer. Or a same time next year. Just the first sincere goodbye in a long time.

Racebannon was amazing.

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better believe it

...for everday living.

"It is not intertia alone that is responsible for human relationships repeating themselves from case to case, indescribably monotonous and unrenewed. It is shyness before any sort of new unforseeable experience for which one does not think ones self able to cope. But only someone who is ready for everything, who excludes nothing, not even the most enigmatical, will live the relation to another as something live." - Rainer Maria Rilke

19 in 30 minutes.

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go ahead, make my day. punk!

today was good. it started off good cause taco! gave me that picture, and im just soooo effin hott. and i like to look at myself. then to pilsen. good times. then i came home.

called emily.

jello party!

im getting to know maggie. she is a pretty rad chick. she too wants to live on the coast of maine.

i want to have a bbq. straight up. veggie food. and tunes. and me. and other people. and frisbee.

ex amino.
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you are amazing, but half of them wont know until youre gone

oh man. working on that tape today was soo nice. finding that killer theme. finding those perfect tracks. order. working on the timing. doing the math. testing out track flow. perfecting the track list. i think im evening doing lyrics.

i had a good day. everyone was in a good mood. no one was a bummer. i think might survive indiana. new orleans wont wait for me, but ill make up for lost time on my next visit.

it was a nice walk tonite. it was a nice nite. and when all was said and done, i owe it all to everyone who i talked to today. everyone.

ex amino.
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