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yes. [09 Dec 2009|07:42pm]
my Food and Beverage Cost Controls text book says and I quote "Most restaurant operations plan not to fail;" I would love to hear about some restaurant operations that planned to fail.
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[28 Oct 2009|03:53pm]
i am taking, as my academic advisor suggested, taking a semester off school to work in southern florida for 6 months. its a paid internship, but since i already did one i wont be enrolled in school. megan might go also. today is perfect
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driving through nebraska is fuckin flat and a bore [20 Oct 2009|12:24pm]
Megan and I have developed a new vocabulary to describe dudes we're checking out. it started with the term trail candy, or hot dudes we see out hiking. it has now expanded into jaw breakers (har har har) laffy taffy, licorice, or lima beans
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holy crap. [14 Oct 2009|08:43pm]
megan and i have embarked on an epic journey through time and space. by that i mean a road trip. we're in utah and what may seem unimpressive to most is blowing my mind. its the first time i've seen vast expances of city spacein 5 plus months. this has been a crazy summer. and today marks just another beginning
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pictures. [21 Jul 2009|02:02am]
here's my giant moose, and my rat tail :)

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blah blah blah cool weekend. [05 Apr 2009|10:49pm]
I got a surprise pay check. I miscounted the pay schedule before spring break so I thought I was dead broke when I got home, was super frugal and surprise I had 2 checks this week when I went to pick them up :) awesome. So I used one to buy my greyhound ticket to Montana.

I made 2 types of cupcakes for merrions birthday. I still can't believe my baby sister is 16 :/ I made a batch of chocolate cupcakes and only partly filled some of them, topped them once baked with mint chocolate chip ice cream, dipped the tops in ganache and threw some Junior Mints on top, the rest I filled the whole way and put peanut butter buttercream frosting on them, half a reeses cup and drizzled with ganache. My mom asked me to come home and decorate the cake for my brothers hockey teams end of year party :)


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was shipped to me this weekend so I should get it this week. Couldn't be more excited for a book! I am reading pride and prejudice so I can get a better feel of the mashup, I've only seen the movie but the book is a lot better than I was expecting. I also can see where the author is coming from saying that jane austin sets it up well for a zombie invasion.
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[30 Mar 2009|09:50am]
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ouch [24 Mar 2009|08:39pm]
Okay so, picture this. Me on my bike going less than 1 mph on my cute little bike as I try to figure if I actually have everything for class (Because I had just gone to class and came home when I realized I didn't have my bike lock). As I very slowly pedal my bike along I go to drop off the curb and my pedal hits something. I am pretty sure I actually shouting oh fuck before I actually hit the ground, but in very slow motion by bike just fell over.
That being said, I managed to get nasty bruises on both my knees, skinned my ankle, and scraped my hand a little. I'm really annoyed. I've biff'd it going a lot faster, cracked a helmet, fucked my ribs up.... but seriously... I was hardly even moving and now I can hardly even walk because of the bruise location.

I am also pissed that even with my sweetened condensed list of things to bring to yellowstone I still have 5 pairs of shoes on it :/ sandals, trail runners, water shoes, moccasins, and work shoes... I'd probably nix the work shoes and wear my runners but dress code requires black non-slip shoes. I will probably have to ship some things, like my bike. I doubt greyhound will carry it all :/
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also this [22 Mar 2009|11:24am]
because bald is beautiful
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[11 Mar 2009|10:07pm]
"statistically speaking the most bacteria ridden place on the planet is in American womans mouth and you're going to let her put your penis in it?!"

I love south park.
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oh man [09 Mar 2009|10:33am]
I just pre-ordered my copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance - Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem

Theres an interview with the author here: http://popwatch.ew.com/popwatch/2009/02/monster-mash-up.html

but most notably he said

""The unmentionable menace." They call zombies "unmentionables" because it's a very polite society and the word "zombie" is kind of like a curse word. These aristocrats are trying to get on with their lives as best they can, despite the fact that the country is being devoured around them. They still have their balls and their teas and their manners. It was terrific fun to write, in the style of Jane Austen, describing horrific deaths and entire villages being slaughtered and burned to the ground."

It doesn't come out until April 15th, apparently there is a movie being produced completely separate from it called Pride and Predator. The author of the book feels the movie is really different but they both sound awesome

Oh and my bike wheels are sexy.

next will be a new seat, and touch ups on the paint job, and eventually someday a pink crankset and yes there is a butterfly on my spokes that lights up when I am riding :)
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[08 Mar 2009|10:43pm]
I haven't had cramps this debilitating in a long time. I usually take 2 advil and don't think about it for the rest of the day; they usually only last the first day. These keep coming back.
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awesome [04 Mar 2009|10:35am]
i was going to take a power nap but instead the maintenance crew had to come in and cut off part of my bathroom door. now my room is super dusty and loud.

oh, and then... when they are done with their saw the guy comments on how dusty it is because they forgot to run the vacuum. coooooool. I think he didn't realize I was in here and could hear him
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[26 Feb 2009|06:57pm]
I was thinking yesterday about compound butters to make, because I saw a recipe for red wine shallots and tarragon butter... which sounds pretty much amazing, and then someone suggest a lemon dill butter which also sounds amazing... and me, well I can think about is desserts :( so instead of thinking up butters my head automatically changed it to ice cream and...

I am thinking Champagne and Mixed Berry Gelato will be made this weekend.

Also this:
did you hear rob got arrested by campus police?

no, what happened?

he got caught drunk deriving

rob doesn't drive,



you asshole
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the very best idea I've quite possibly ever had... ever... [07 Feb 2009|01:31pm]
We're having a bike jousting tournament in the field in front of the wall aquatic center next week. Ricky needed a way to get rid of some huge boxes and I told him jousting sticks was the only solution.
So far there are a lot of people expressing interest in it.
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cake decorating [04 Feb 2009|10:45am]
one of my coworkers purchased herself one of the 30 something tip sets for decorating... I guarantee she doesn't know what the half of them are for. I decorate professionally and I can't even intuitively figure out what some of them are for. So why buy them? for just over $50 you can purchase your very own "Masters Kit" with over 50 different tips!
for under $20 you can instead purchase a very nice pair of very sharp scissors (I spent over $10 of the $20 on those, I bought the bumblebee sharp tip kind, with a blade cover so you don't stab yourself when they're in your pocket)

1 x #2 tip for very thin lines
2 x #3 for slightly thicker lines
2 x #4 for bigger lines
all of those are good for doing drop flowers, writing, and scrolls.

1 x #10 for very large lines, but mostly for tear drop borders
2 x #104 for roses
1 x #32 for shell borders

and a rose nail is good to, if you have absolutely no pre-existing supplies then you'll also need couplers, bags, and something for smoothing frosting on the cake, I've done a wedding cake using the back side of a butter knife, but a flat metal spatula is nice.
The gimmicky shit they sell at micheals is totally unnecessary and i hate when people buy it. You're wasting your money, and they're ripping you off. A #47 tip will do a standard basket weave, but really, if you don't know how to do a basket weave then you're just going to make a really ugly looking cake. The best thing to do if you don't know how to make the sides of a cake look good is to run a spatula along it in concentric lines so that it looks like an on purpose kind of messy. Making cakes is fun and simple and doesn't need to be over-complicated with loads of crap people don't know how to use.
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oh holy shit [03 Jan 2009|12:19pm]
Yellowstone National Park called me today and discussed job positions with me.

They are going to give me a position as a Pub Tender and Intern :) :) :) :)

This is starting to become so real for me. I will be fucking living in Yellowstone National Park. It seemed like just a possibility and something that would be kind of neat before, but the more real this is becoming the more exciting it's becoming. Hot Springs everyday baby.

I've been so bummed the past few days about being broken up with on New Years, but holy shit. It's so far in the back of my mind now. I am so excited for this new opportunity in my life.
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Now that my mom has fewer mouths to feed... [20 Dec 2008|12:14pm]
She BBQ's really nice steaks on friday nights... like inch thick T-bone steaks :(

why do I have to be one of the older children?

I am teaching her how to make enchiladas so that with the left over steak she can make enchiladas on saturday or sunday. She loves mine, and they're ridiculously simple.
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Went to Tucson with my old man today [19 Dec 2008|07:45pm]
and he told me about how he used to sneak into concerts when he was my age.

one time he asked to use the restroom that was downstairs at a venue in Toronto because there was a huge line of people waiting to get tickets so they let him and then he just waited until the doorman changed to come back.

Him and his friends would pay for one person and then because they'd use hand stamps they would get their hands wet and transfer the stamp to one another.

They would also trip the fire doors and let people in

my favourite was when he went to see Mothers of Invention... He was outside by the backstage entrance and they were bringing in instruments so he grabbed the corner of a piano and just walked in pretending to be a roadie and then took off inside.

It's too bad those methods would never work in our day and age of ridiculous amounts of security :( the 70's sound like so much more fun.

also we picked up my brother and brought him home for christmas... he looks increasingly like a viking.
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[31 Oct 2008|08:37am]
I miss riding bikes into the town center with Christina to get scoops of ice cream at the gelato place and walking around downtown :(
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