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it's a city of strangers... some come to work, some to play

another hundred people just got off of the train

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dream a dream, then end another
life is there to i n t e r r u p t

13 years old. Theatre snob. Red hair. Shopaholic. Loves to write. Voted 'Most Likely to Suceed'. Is her English teacher's "favorite student." Has been compared to Sutton Foster. Good artist. Shoe queen. RENThead. Very openminded. Cynical. High-strung. Perfectionist. Not religious. Stephen Sondheim and Coco Chanel are her gods. Wants to live in New York City. Two-year Oral Language Festival regional competitor/one-year winner. Dislikes small children. Law & Order (every version) is love. Romantic. Pro-gay rights. Has the best group of friends within theatre... EVER. Hasn't had a "boyfriend" since sixth grade. Really doesn't care. Loves diamonds and pearls equally. Does a great Carol Channing impression. John Tartaglia could stand onstage and sing the phone book and she would give a standing ovation. Loves the look of character shoes with flippy A-line skirts. Has actually gone out after a show wearing character shoes and a flippy A-line skirt. Is loathed by her ex-computers teacher. Is loved by her history teacher. Described as an "enigma." Not unlike Lawrence Jameson, is in the business of "giving them what they want" in the form of compliments and being "a nice girl." Hates it. Quick to anger. Quick to forgive. Always up for blasting showtunes in the car with the windows down.


Will & Grace. Clinton Kelly. Law & Order: SVU. Jason Mraz. Anthropologie. Adam Pascal. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Monty Python & the Holy Grail. RENT. Cannolis. Writing. The Da Vinci Code. Pumas. Hugh Panaro. Harry Potter. The Importance of Being Earnest. Big cities. Belting. Sherie Rene Scott. John Tartaglia. Sutton Foster. Celia Keenan-Bolger. Raul Esparza. Erin Dilly. Carolee Carmello. Kevin Cahoon. Gavin Creel. Tiramisu. Andrew Asnes. The word "fantabulous." Sarah Saltzberg. Megan Hilty. "I Should Tell You." "The Beauty Is." Tap-dancing. Pre-Broadway tryouts in California. NYC. Vegas. Paris. Florence. Norbert Leo Butz.

my communities

__hotfudgeicons - my icon journal
sarahsaltzberg - fan community for Spelling Bee's Sarah Saltzberg
foster_icontest - Sutton&Hunter icontest; coming soon

t h i s l i f e i a m a c h i n g t o b e g i n

"and that's why i won't let go till i'm on the radio."

-- "when i get my name in lights" the boy from oz

i will not be the girl stuck at home in the 'burbs with the baby, the dog, and the garden of herbs. i will not be the girl in the sensible shoes pushing burgers and beer nuts and missing the clues. i will not be the girl who gets asked how it feels to be trotting along at the genius's heels. i will not be the girl who requires a man to get by.

--"climbing uphill", the last five years

i may be unreliable. fancy free, irresponsible. crazy me, always eager to fly... but seeing you gives me true delight. just this once, i've done something right!

--"amayzing horton", seussical.

you can't stop my happiness, 'cause i like the way i am. so if you don't like the way i look, well, i just don't give a damn!

--"you can't stop the beat", hairspray.

you think your "misery" will set you apart from the crowd. but if you had walked past me today, i wouldn't have picked you out.

--"not calling back", dido.

i'm just a someone in an old museum, far away from home as someone can go, but the beauty is i still meet people i know.

--"the beauty is", the light in the piazza.

i'm kinda pretty and pretty damn smart, i like romantic things like music and art, and as you know i have a gigantic heart, so WHY don't i have a boyfriend? fuck, it sucks to be me!

--"it sucks to be me", avenue q.

be my lover, and i'll cover you... i've longed to discover something as true as this is .

--"i'll cover you (reprise)", rent.

i don't care what consequence it brings, i have been a fool for lesser things. i want you so bad, i thought you ought to know that i intend to hold you for the longest time.

--"the longest time", billy joel.

what's too painful to remember, we simply choose to forget.

--"the way we were", barbra streisand.

beautiful is what you are, only somehow wearing a frightening disguise. i can see the winter in your eyes now...

--"dividing day", the light in the piazza.

i may be small, but i've got big dreams to shine as brightly as the sun.

--"astonishing", little women.

Oy. For me only, kthxbye. I mean, why would you take this anyway? They're MY favorite divas. IF they're yours, okay, but c;mon... make your own colorbar.


a class act, aida, alice in wonderland, andrew asnes, anthropologie, assassins, audrey hepburn, avenue q, bagels, barbra streisand, being spiffy, ben gettinger, bernadette peters, billy joel, bittersweet evocative songs, bloomingdales, books, brave sir robin, broadway, cameras, caramel frappucinos, carolee carmello, century 21, character shoes, cheyenne jackson, christian borle, clinton kelly, cookie dough ice cream, curry vindaloo, david sedaris, democrats, desperate housewives, dirty rotten scoundrels, dorothy and toto, drag queens, fabrizio naccarelli, fantasies come true, fashionistas, fisch-schlapping, fish, fiyero, gay rights, grace kelly, greenwich village, gregory jbara, gregory maguire, guitarists, gwen stefani, harry potter, hunter foster, i ♥ new york, i'm not dead yet, idina menzel, ireland, italy, jack mcfarland, jamba juice, jan maxwell, jason robert brown, jerry orbach, jk rowling, john tartaglia, jonathan larson, judy garland, judy mclane, kitten heels, la vie boheme, lacoste, las vegas, law & order svu, lawn chair handcuff dances, les miserables, little women, logainne schwartzandgrubenierre, lost, love, mamma mia, mamma mia!, manhattan, marc kudisch, mary roach, mean girls, megan mullally, metrocards, monty python, moulin rouge, musetta's waltz, musicals, neil patrick harris, new york city, norbert leo butz, nyc, nymf, paris, passion when it's new, photography, pizza, plastic pickle tubs, popular, pumas, puppet sex, putnam county, reese witherspoon, rent, robb sapp, rod, sarah saltzberg, seasons of love, sex and the city, sexy bellboys, sh-k-boom, shoes, snoopy, something just broke, spamalot, stacy london, stage dooring, starbucks, stephanie d'abruzzo, stephen sondheim, sutton foster, target, taye diggs, taylor the latte boy, teen vogue, the beatles, the gregcam, the ladies who lunch, the opposite of war, the roaring twenties, the village, theater district, theatre, thoroughly modern millie, tick..tick..boom!, today show, tony awards, vainglorious actors, virgin cosmopolitans, volleyball, what not to wear, where are you?, whose line, wicked, will & grace, will and grace, wine and beer, writing, yoga, yogurt

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