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give me one kiss and ill be happy. [entries|friends|calendar]
live life one cupcake at a time!

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[19 Jul 2009|07:04pm]
You always were the one to show me how
Back then I couldn't do the things that I can do now.
This thing is slowly taking me apart.
Grey would be the color if I had a heart.
get a life

[09 Jun 2009|03:03am]
youre selfish
you always let me down
you never cared
I never mattered
I regret it all

I wish we never met.
get a life

[21 Apr 2009|12:56pm]
The Fool card reversed suggests that being blinded by love or desire, you have the potential to fall victim to someone who may treat you carelessly or take you for granted. You could be on the brink of an exciting ride, but your love interest may not be there when the roller coaster comes to an end.
get a life

[02 Mar 2009|10:41pm]
my life is crazy right now. I have a super amazing job with Animal Planet doing makeup!!! only i dont get paid. I love someone but I cant be with him. im a fool! and tonite i smoked out Tommy Lee in my car! and im going to the motley show tomorrow and were gonna party! so fucking awesome! so theres ups and downs and im still pretty happy. for once im liking Florida ever tho i hardly see my friends.

anddddddddddd Kristen comes on the 20th! woot woot!
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[18 Feb 2009|07:16pm]
going from not working and no money to working 15 hours a day and no money sucks!!! BUT i work for animal planet!!!!!! my name will be in there credits under makeup and hair!!!(fetch me a beer) wooooottt!!! im going places! even tho i have no money and my phones gonna get shut off and my cable is gone and i dont eat unless im at work im still super happy.


in other news my sister had a baby, hes super fucking cute. my mom has been in CT for a month trying to get custody because my sister is a herion addict and so is her scum bag bf. poor baby is in detox from herion right now. i dont get whats wrong with people my sister doesnt even get why they wont let her have the baby shes on some other planet. more stress.

and the love life is super confusing right now i dont know whats going on. hopefully eveything will work itself out. i just know in my heart that its ment to be. we shall see.

thank god i have this job or id be crazy. and thanks for my amazing dogs, and my friends who ive hardly seen i still love you guys!!! party soon?
get a life

[27 Jan 2009|12:36pm]
The Ace of Chalices card reversed suggests that if your heart isn't in it, then you should get off the emotional roller coaster. If your heart is in it, pour out your feelings to the one you love before it's too late. Crying over spilt milk, taking things too personally, turning your back on potential romance or commitment or drowning sorrows may be excuses for avoiding a confrontation with the stranger in the mirror. Loneliness born of fear or damaged self-esteem may lay hidden beneath a calm exterior. Learn to depend upon yourself for fulfillment, attention, interest and consideration. The satisfaction gleaned from others' approval is temporary and superficial. Work toward wholeness and happiness by being willing to expand your own expectations. Embrace the commitment and sacrifice necessary to cross your own emotional boundaries.


to bad i suck at expressing my feelings to guys. even tho it might not do anything (me telling how i feel) it will be good to let it all out!

job hunting blows!
get a life

[25 Jan 2009|07:43pm]
i dont want you to leave me.
get a life

[20 Jan 2009|07:22pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Once my lover
Now my friend
What a cruel thing
To pretend
What a cunning way
To condescend
Once my lover and
Now my friend
Oh, you creep up
Like the clouds
And you set my soul at ease
Then you let
Your love abound
And you bring me
To my knees
Oh, it's evil, babe
The way you let
Your grace enrapture me
When will you know
I'd be insane
To ever let that
Dirty game recapture me

You made me
A shadowboxer, baby
I wanna be ready
For what you do
I've been swinging
All around me
'Cause I don't know
When you're gonna
Make your move

Oh, your gaze
Is dangerous
And you fill your
Space so sweet
If I let you
Get too close
You'll set your
Spell on me
So darlin'
I just wanna say
Just in case
I don't come through
I was on to every play
I just wanted you

But, oh, it's so evil
My love
The way you've no
Reverence to my concern
So I'll be sure to
Stay wary of you, love
To save the pain of
Once my flame and
Twice my burn

You made me
A shadowboxer, baby
I wanna be ready
For what you do
I've been swinging
All around me
'Cause I don't know
When you're gonna
Make your move

get a life

[14 Jan 2009|10:42pm]
I just want to be wanted.
get a life

[10 Jan 2009|01:18pm]

i dont know what im doing anymore. im lost.

get a life

[08 Jan 2009|01:09am]

The Nine of Pentacles card reversed suggests that you may be in a prime position to commemorate the end and the beginning of a cycle in your love life. A desire to be free and retreat may take precedence. Reject artificial or attention-getting behavior. Temporary lovers or shallow distractions may not cultivate trust or may bring only momentary fulfillment, for these things need constant replenishment and upkeep. Aimlessness, dependency or wasteful indulgences may not leave much room for the soul time you need in order to foster personal development. Instead, reclaim your sensuality by nurturing those wild, but finer things you may have taken for granted. Those simple things that you can count on to almost take care of themselves will give back in abundance.
get a life

[28 Dec 2008|09:57pm]
My lover, I've been donating
Time to review
All the misinterpretations
That define me and you

I'm thinking about you
In my secret language
Because I know you're the only one
Who can help me take it easy

Now I'm happy in the head
Knowing there ain't no sucker in the world
That's a threat to us
But we've become material

It's like, hey, you were always there
Just on the tip of my tongue
And I needed you to happen, yeah.

And now that you've happened
And it really, really, really came true
I feel like I ought to thank somebody
So I'm going to thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
get a life

[20 Dec 2008|12:35am]
[ mood | swoon ]

he's the ying to my yang.

get a life

wanna give you that oh ah ohh la la [10 Dec 2008|04:33pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I played Spin the bottle with Of Montreal on monday. It was the best time of my life.

I got to see them play 2 times in one week. we danced and drank the night away. I wish I could makeout with Kevin Barnes everyday.

nothing can top that night. and i dont even have pictures from it but who fucking cares! craziest night of my life.

get a life

[01 Dec 2008|02:53am]
i cant wait for this.

get a life

F Y I im F L Y [29 Nov 2008|07:20pm]
[ mood | hungover ]

Im really seeing who my true friends are this year. kinda crazy I thought Id be friends with these two people for the rest of my life but turns out I dont need them at all. Im fine without you. ill miss you alot but Ill live. I dont need people that dont really care for me in my life.

and im very glad I made up with two of my other best friends that ive had in my life for over 12 years. it feels great to have them back and ive learned to not sweat the small stuff life is to fucking short!

in other news not having a everyday job is really starting to get bad. money is tight. and looking for a job sucks balls. but im really trying hard. hope i get one this week!

I hate being lonely. it seems like everyone i know has someone. i always feel like the third wheel. im pretty sure there are NO single good guys left here. none.

OF MONTREAL ON THE 6TH!!!!!! and THE SOUNDS on the 3rd!!!! woot woot!!!

Also i went to see Q tip and the cool kids play the other night. AMAZING!!!!! one of the best shows ive been to all year! PDIDDY was there haha i snapped a picture as he walked by and got in his car! hahaha

im trying to stay positive. trying not to let stupid shit get me down.

I miss Janna duhface.

i got super wasted last night. had a blast @ megans beday party. =)

get a life

[28 Oct 2008|03:11am]
[ mood | amused ]

oh bayybee.


get a life

[19 Oct 2008|02:38am]
[ mood | high ]

These past few weeks have been a blurr pretty rad times in boring old florida i guess i gotta live it up till i move away! I went to St Louis for Andres And Julies wedding! pretty amazing, i love that city and i think i wanna live there. its beautiful theres history, free zoo! and lots of cute boys! ;)

ill post some pictures i took soon.

i miss the lou like whoa...im totally thinking about moving there.

who knows.

i need to let my liver breathe for a few days...i was insanely wasted last night. free bottles of Jack rule life.

get a life

awesome come back [05 Oct 2008|02:00am]

General Cosgrove was interviewed on the radio recently.
You'll love his reply to the lady who interviewed him concerning guns and children. Regardless of how you feel about gun laws you gotta love this! This is one of the best comeback lines of all time. It is a portion of an ABC interview between a female broadcaster and General Cosgrove who was about to sponsor a Boy Scout Troop visiting his military headquarters.

So, General Cosgrove, what things are you going to teach these young boys when they visit your base?

We're going to teach them climbing, canoeing, archery and shooting.

Shooting! That's a bit irresponsible, isn't it?

I don't see why, they'll be properly supervised on the rifle range.

Don't you admit that this is a terribly dangerous activity to be teaching children?

I don't see how. We will be teaching them proper rifle discipline before they even touch a firearm.

But you're equipping them to become violent killers.

Well, Ma'am, you're equipped to be a prostitute, but you're not one, are you?

The radio went silent and the interview ended.

get a life

[30 Sep 2008|02:19am]

more to come.

Jamie and Greg i shall see you tomorrow!!!! CC4L!!!
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