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you could hit me or whip me

i'd savor each lash

pretty mary k
26 June
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acadia, afghanistan banana stand, american idol, androgyny, ani difranco, animals, arrested development, baking, baz luhrman films, beck, birkenstocks, blur, bob marley, boston, boston university, boy meets world, bright eyes, camping, candy, cat power, cats, cchs, chad urmston, cheese, chris carmack, cocorosie, concerts, cooking, curb your enthusiasm, damien rice, dave matthews band, david bowie, denis leary, devendra banhart, disney films, dispatch, donnie darko, elliott smith, eric clapton, exploding dog, family guy, fight club, fiona apple, foxy, fresh prince, friends, garden state, glam rock, guitarists, handcuffs, harvard square, i heart huckabees, ian somerhalder, idina menzel, igby goes down, indian food, interview with the vampire, jack johnson, jackass, jake gyllenhaal, japanese food, jennifer aniston, jessica biel, john doe, johnny knoxville, jon stewart, jose gonzalez, kaki king, kasey chambers, katherine moennig, keane, kill bill, klaus nomi, knishes, law and order, led zeppelin, lil jon, lost, lost in translation, lou reed, maggie grace, mary lou lord, masochism, michelle rodriguez, mikimoto, moby, molten chocolate cake, musicals, my cat, nirvana, original gangster foxy, paris, pearls, photography, piercings, pixar films, pj harvey, quentin tarentino films, radiohead, red sox, regina spektor, rent, rich hall, richard linklater, romeo and juliet, rosanna arquette, run lola run, sam james, say anything, seinfeld, seu jorge, sex and the city, shopping, simon & garfunkel, sleater-kinney, snatch, spirited away, state radio, stevie wonder, tegan and sara, the beatles, the big lebowski, the black eyed peas, the boondock saints, the cars, the dresden dolls, the l word, the labyrinth, the office, the princess bride, the rolling stones, the shins, the strokes, the velvet underground, the white stripes, tilly and the wall, toes, toto, trees, u2, uma thurman, vampires, vanilla lattes, velvet goldmine, wicked, without a trace, wonderboys, x, young americans, zox