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I remember, I dismember

Dammit! I missed seeing the Christchurch-based zombie movie at the film festival. Did anyone else in this fair city manage to go see it, and if so what did you think? It looked like it could have been a lot of fun. Very Shaun of the Dead but with added New Zealand.

I might drag Alison along to see Teeth because, lol, vagina dentata. And she wants to go see Let The Right One In which may or may not be about vampires, as I wasn't listening all that well when she told me about it.

The movie that should be showing is Repo! because, dammit, I'm way too excited about that muscial. But considering the fact that it is apparently only going to be opening on ten screens across the US, looks like I'll be waiting for DVD for this one. Bastards. But, mmmm, Anthony Steward Head should always sing. That man is so damn sexy. The Graverobber is also very hot. (And he reminds me of Alexei a lot.)

Have you ever tasted love like this, cool and smooth?

Argh. I think my mp3 player has broken. It plays fine, but it refuses to put any new files on it. I shall have to fiddle in the hopes it'll fix itself. Bwaha. PWNED. Now I just need to work out how to get these bloody m4a files to play on WMP, or work out how to convert them.

Hi, it's 6am. Bet you're shocked to see me awake.

Also, I wasn't going to do NaNo. I'm not even signed up or anything. And yet last night I started a NaNo. About zombies. I blame my recent music choices and the fact that I'm otherwise running out of supernaturals to use. So... yeah. Children shouldn't play with dead things, baby. And there will be sex in it, which means it's one of Ali's favourite things in the whole world: NECROPHILIA YAY! (I'm glad she's asleep now and thus can't hit me.)

And noooow: bed!

Ava Adore was written in 10 minutes.

My God. I was in a class. By choice. The world has just spun on its axis and is going to crash into a firey oblivion. My course started today and I'd forgotten what the worst part of school was. The fact that you can't just get up whenever you damn well please. Waa. I like waking up at 10am! But that minor detail aside, it wasn't so bad. But I bet I came off as a total bitch anyway. It's not that I am a total bitch most of the time, it's just that I'm very anti-social and stand-offish. I'll talk and smile and say hi but I'd much prefer to read my book that talk to people at lunch.

phfa sent me a video thingy that she said I should watch. Apparently it had some ghostish thing on it and I'd have to watch closly to see it and turn the volume right up and I might be able to hear the interferance. So I downloaded it and dragged my mum in to watch it as well. So there I am, watching veeeery closly, eyes narrowed and peering at the screen, and suddenly A ZOMBIE JUMPS RIGHT OUT SCREAMING! Waa. I screamed and almost fell off my chair. My mother giggled. A zombie! You should have seen my hands shaking! I could barely turn it off! So:

Dearest Raen,

It is so many levels of wrong to send a zombie thing to someone who has a ridiculously large fear of zombies. And after contemplating the idea of cutting off all your hair while you slept, I instead didn't post your chocolate yet. Suffer my revenge, wench.

Your Slytherin Who Had A Heart Attack.

I know I had something else to write here, but I've forgotten. So instead I'll go upload X-Men icons.