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Rosie: To gathering time

4am airport trip, my old friend...

The blindingly fantastic artemisofluna has once again DUMPED ME HORRIBLY AND ABANDONED ME TO BE A TEARY MESS left our New Zealand shores. We had rather a whirlwind time with her (a week is nowhere near long enough!) and the number of DVDs (as well as kettles and electric frying pans) has doubled... or maybe more than doubled in regards to the DVDs. Girl love her TV shows. We had Mexican Cafe times, showed her the entirely of The Mighty Boosh, lay in the Gardens and dozed in the sun, shopped for sensible grown up house things, jumped all over beds that didn't belong to us, consumed our weight in popcorn, and failed to find a coffee maker that suited our requirements. The LFoD requests that she come back right now and play more.

NaNo news: I've not written a word since Lara came over - as is fair - and now I have to write about four thousand a day if I want to finish. And I do, so I will. But... not right now.
Judith: My pulse has been rising

This is me not being ready!

NaNo starts tomorrow at midnight! Ohshit!

I have a whole cast of characters to write about, but the plot at the moment is so very loose. I'm hoping that I'll just start writing and it will all form itself. Hopefully. All that is important is that it's about 17th century Dutch werewolves, baby. I am going to not worry too much about historical accuracy with this because, well, it's NaNo and not exactly something I'm going to try and get published or anything.

If you're interested, I'll be it all up at _everdream. It's locked so you'll have to join the comm to read it though. I just don't like having all my writing out in public :)

It's cold and I have to go get milk :/

But Lara will be here in exactly to weeks! :D
Carnivale: In this fall from grace

I will spend November writing about sociopathic 17th century werewolf families

I'm now all signed up for NaNoWriMo. I haven't done it seriously for years and I didn't even sign up last year at all. This year I plan to rock it though! And actually, you know, complete it. I've had such a run of fails on that >_< (My account is here in case anyone else is already on the site.)

This journal was actually made for me to keep track of NaNo the first year I did it, back when it was diantha_malfoy - thank fuck for rename tokens, way back in the days when you needed invites/codes. (I blame the lack of those to my eleventy-thousand RPG accounts. LJ is such an enabler.)


She's rotten and so beautiful

He'll never change - he's not that brave
He'll never say you're beautiful

I'm ridiculously tired for no discernible reason at all. It's maaaaadness. And you know what else is madness? Windows Media Player. I made me download the new version and it's all...new! I don't deal well with change. This is something I'm coming to realise as I get older. I always thought I would turn out to be one of those awesome spontaneous unpredictable people but, nope, I've come to realise I'm the very opposite. I'm boring and predictable to the extreme and I like things to stay the way I expect them to be.

I'm attempting to be less slack with my writing in the last few days. Which means stories I haven't touched in months are being opened- specifically Boy & Goddess- and played with. Poor neglected characters. Although, there are scenes happening that were never meant to happen. (*pries characters apart*)

I'm reading 'The Doors of Perception' by Aldous Huxley that Ruby leant me. I find myself looking at the folds in the fabric of my clothes alot recently. It kinda makes me want to try mescalin. Anyone got any lying about? There's also the fangirl squee in me going 'Jim Morrison read this book! I'm reading a book that influenced Jim Morrison!' Because I'm a tard.

Snow again this weekend is the prediction. I wants it! I suppose all those people down south don't really, but I want the shiny snow.
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HP fic

The things you find when cleaning up your computer. I don't even remember what the point of this little ficlet was...

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And now, for something much better, you should all read Fear, Pippin/Boromir. This thing is brilliant.

And sarahtales wrote a fic for thegraybook's birthday: Draco Malfoy, Ruler of the Universe. Gen, PG-13 for language.

Hey Sena? I haven't found the Spiderman song yet, but I'm still looking. And I only made one Beast icon cause, well, that was the only pic on my computer ^_^ Hmmm, I need some icons for The Faculty. Cause I'm a big geek. Guess this means I'll have to watch it again. *goes to do so*
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Right. Someone asked me about HP fanfics I liked and I thought, hell, why not just shove a list of my favourite fics in my LJ?

So I am.

Go me.

Now, it’s not a very long list. I don’t read as much fic as some people *cough*phfa*cough* It’s also all HP and lotr, (mostly HP) cause I don’t really read anything outside of that.

Authors own summeries are in italics when I could find them...

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*wanders off to do something productive*
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