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The world is watching the death of a girl

Accommodation for Wellington is now booked and I am getting pretty damn excited about the fact that in a week I shall be on my way out to see Amanda Palmer playing. GLEE. Two other people from my extended social circle and going to be there as well, and who knows if there might be others? I think there might be a nice amount of post-AFP drinking going on. Which reminds me that I need to have another look at what bars in Wellington are good, as well as finding shops that might sell awesome gothy shoes and corsets. Alison needs a corset and Wellington must provide.

I have an idea for my Perversion Party outfit but I will require an underbust for it. Laura, you said you had one that might possibly fit me? I shall have to come around at some point before Wednesday and try it out. (This will require remembering how the hell to get to your house.)

Our broadband has gone over = :(

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Currently pinned to my notice board are three tickets for the Amanda Palmer show in Wellington on the 12th March. 'Excited' doesn't even cover it, baby. I can't freaking wait.

Alina, Alison and I have a day in hand as well which means we can go see the giant squid at Te Papa. It's going to be awesome fishy goodness.