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Eddie: Covered in beeeees!

Oh joy, it's film ramblings!

Ooooh, it's a living room computer OoooOOOooOOOOoooOOOOOoo. Since mine is dead, Lara so kindly offered to put her desktop in the living room (because she's a GODDESS) and so I am now trying to get used to the EPICLY HUGE SCREEN on it as well as the slightly different keyboarder. (I'm a crazy two finger typer but I don't look at the keys and I do it quite quickly - MY TYPING AMUSES JEN NO END - and thus typing on keyboards I'm not perfectly adjusted to means I keep hitting the wrong keys.)

It's very shiny though. So big and shiny and connected to the internet. Which, as we know, is the most important thing.

And now I put a question to you. Who's going to come see the new Predators movie with me when it comes out? Collapse )

I am giddy with pretension! And candy.

Steam operated boy,
sitting on my ship,
he is just a toy
but I wind him up
and he comes to life,
clockwork-powered joy,
that is why I want a
steam operated boy.

I am making bonnets! Lord knows why I'm doing this here since I'm already way over my baggage limit. (Notice how all of phfa's post from this trip are DETAILS AND STUFF and mine are all 'oh hey there, baby, I'm making hats!')

Side note: Sexist top hats in town. I wish I could afford one. But I would have to wear it on the plane. ...not that I actually find anything wrong with that.

My dad is scouring the house for cogs and wheels for me to play with. He's so lovely, really. Plus he'll probably bring me booze soon and tonight he's making leg of lamb. Deliciousness.

Tonight there is going to be some sort of run-through packing to check everything fits before we actually have to pack. (Anamountoftime left in Nimbin! I can't be bothered to check, right now.)

Alison came into the room and dad yelled after her, "Don't you need photos of the drug addict sheep?" and she went darting out again with glee. I'm not even going to ask. It's just best not to.

Soon my super lovely skeleton pocket watch will arrive here! Soon!

I wish I had a steam engine right now. You may all come for a ride upon it as long as you promise to drink tea from lady teacups and speak of all sort of intersting and, quite possibly, salacious things.

The entry is uninteresting, but at least the icon has tits.

Oh wow, Alison's computer chair is so much more comfortable than mine. I am stealing this for my room. No one tell her. I am bored and waiting for my computer to stop doing scanny things, which means I'm stealing Ali's computer and I hate typing on keyboards that aren't my own. They give me chronic fail.

I'm bored and trying to kill time.

Has anyone else seen the trailer for Dorian Gray? I'm so very seeing it (Hello, Ben Barnes is delicious) but watching it convinced me further than even though I've read The Picture of Dorian Gray quite a few times and love it, I have no freaking idea what this movie is about. But it seems like it might be so far from the book plot that I won't even be sitting there going 'that's not right!' So whatever, I'm there for the Victorian outfits and the pretty. I cannot resist such things.

Today I have things to be doing! I have to deposit checks and get a flu jab and pick up things from the chemist and all sorts of exciting shite! Because on Sunday I am off to Oz!

My father has promised me a cocktail party filled with drunk hippies when I get there. Sweeet.

Tea time!

This morning the ladies of the LFoD received a strange and wondrous package from across the seas. Within said packages was to be found numerous lovely gifts and among these were teabags of the exotically delicious kind.

Oh, what a dilemma. What are five young maidens to do with such a gift? Why, they of course must have their own Victiorian-esque tea party. And as everyone knows a proper tea party requires cupcakes. The afternoon was spend with the lovely maidens making cupcakes and preparations for tea time.

So, with a soundtrack of tea loving punktorian Emilie Autumn, the day got off to a start.

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