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God, it's been a lovely day, everything's been going my way

I spent my afternoon with an interesting boy who likes me around, came home and watched a beloved childhood movie that I hadn't seen for years (Terminator 2), and got given new music I desired by the Salamander. And every cup of tea I have made today has tasted divine.

Life is, in a word, good.

Today has shone with it. It helped that the sun decided to help and shine with it all over the place. One would think it wasn't, you know, winter. *shrugs*

Lovely day.

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Today made quite the spectacle of myself when Raen and I had a water gun fight outside the Foundry bar at uni. Got rather wet. Someone shouted 'Wet T-shirt competition!' Was amusing. I like shooting things. And got to be amused when the boy said, "That's my weapon you've got your hands on, darling." I'm so immature sometimes. (Or all the time.)

Went to see him tonight but he wasn't home. How dare he have a life. And so I pouted at the evilness of this. And then came home. Where my house was invaded- quite nicely- by Binky.

He's currently in the kitchen talking about canivorous snails with Raen's cousin. It amuses.

And on another note this fact hit me tonight when walking back from the boy's house under the beautiful full moon:

I love this city.

In the end it's worthwhile

My computer is going sooo slowly. A combo of all the virus' that are sure to be on it and the fact that I can't stop downloading music. Speaking of music, someone told me today that they played Lacuna Coil on the music channel. Ha! See, it can play good music! That whole night of sitting there with Raen and Tim and wishing for something good 'like Nightwish or HIM or Lacuna Coil' wasn't all in vain! Even if I didn't see it. Meh. Doesn't matter. It exists on C4 and that is all that matters.

I feel rather good today. I like this feeling. Spent most of the day hanging out with Sass in the smoker's cafe which is always a nice way to kill time. I was saying that I should just take up some classes with the amount of time I spend at the uni. Man, I'd love to. Some courses sound wicked interesting but there's that whole familiar cash problem. Ah well. I'll just have to tag along to the interesting lectures of other people.

The plans for tomorrow are pretty much the same as today: smoker’s café day. I might take my writing book and see if I can get some shit written. I’m not writing much recently (still) and it’s bugging me quite a bit. I used to write all the time: what happened there? And then in the evening I’ve got an appointment near uni so I might drop in on certain people who live on that side of town. Shall I warn them? Of course not. I’m predictably unpredictable.

There was something I was going to write here. Really, there was. I don’t remember now. I’m just killing time here anyway.

I’m getting my tattoo done around my birthday. So…three weeks-ish? To this I squee. Gotta finish getting it all designed up. I’ll bug Sena about that tonight/tomorrow I suppose. *glee*

This day really has been on an impressive upward streak.
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I failed you again cause I let you stay...I made you mine just to hurt you once again...

It's 4am. It's been a long while since I've done this whole 'being on the net until daybreak' thing. Not that I plan to stay awake until daybreak. I have places to be tommorow, peoples. Unlike today where it was a good idea to ask people not to allow me to go visiting across the other side of the city. See, parts of me know what's good for my brain even if other parts refuse to realise it.

I feel like posting something so cryptic that even I won't understand it. Cause, dammit, I can be fucking pretentious too, you know.

These foolish games always end up in confusion...
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"...I just have really bad taste in women. I mean, I see some girl at a party and think, 'Hey, she's cute. I'll give it a go.' And then, bang, six months later: we're friends."

The boy and I are friends. It doesn't take normal people five months to work out what they want to be. This is a thing people usually work out pretty fast. But, nope, not me and him. We're just special. ^_^

But I've got him as my friend and for now that exactly what I need from him. Sure, I definatly want more...but that leads to badness. For now 'friends' is perfect. I spent hours at his place tonight just talking geeky crap and lounging on his bed. I feel so much better about...well, alot now.
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Blood on her skin, dripping with sin...

KAOS party last night. I believe the theme was B-Movie Horror. Or a lot of people just like dressing as extras from Night of the Living Dead. Was propositioned three times during the course of the night which is pretty impressive since I was, you know, attempting to avoid all things male. Guys still put me on a very wary foot.

But the boy talked to me at least. This made the party much better for me. *shrugs* I don't mind that he's always snogging a different girl at every party: I pushed him away so I really have no right to say anything. But he talked to me twice in the evening. Nothing got resolved between us, but then that's nothing new really. I'm starting to think there will never be a solution between us. It just seems static

I'm starting to get the feeling he thinks I'm being intentionally difficult. Like I fucked myself in the head just to spite him and make his life difficult. Which makes me want to smack him upside the head a little. Sigh. But I got to hug him and kiss him which made me feel better and- at the same time- oddly worse. Then he tried to grab me and hold me there and my me freaked. I then spent the rest of the night flinching out of everyone's grasp. I'm a slippery one when I wanna be. Bwaha.

I wasn't dressed as a zombie. That's far too much thinking ahead work. I went for 'waa, wanna look vaguely sexy but am incapable so pout.' I was however dressed in fishnets, short skirt, and my oh-so-sex-on-legs new boots that make me taller than, well, many many people ^_^ *is tall*

I didn't drink anything last night: isn't that just terrible? The badness of being utterly broke, eh? I suppose that's part of the reason I woke up so early. It might have also had something to do with the six million thoughts in my head. Distracty things.

People sadly absent from the party: Sass (who I didn’t expect to be there but it would have been cool if she was anyway) & Binky (Who should have been there, dammit, and the lack of him made Raen and I a little pouty.) But that's okay because we were very sociable with other people. (*waves to Woot* I wave to you because you're the only one I know about who has an LJ, darling.)

Oooh, and they played very good music. Whoever was running that party: Brava & rock on. (You even played the Living Dead Girl version that Faith was dancing to: Yay!)

In case you can't tell, peoples. I feel way less crap than I have for a long time ^_^
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