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I am making zee pumpkin soup! (That was me speaking in German. Notice the 'zee'?) I do this by putting in pumpkins and some other things. That is my family recipe, handed down for generations and generations. (Meaning: Dad, this one time I went to visit and he was throwing stuff in a pot. I don't cook.)

Today is cold and I blame the southern hemisphere and the movements of the earth. It sucks.

What doesn't suck is Styx, who I've been listening to a lot recently. (And, admittedly, bopping around a wee bit to Renegade late at night.)
-- One side of an ampersand


Watching Pulp Fiction. Holy shit, I remember now how much the scene where they give Uma Thurman the adrenelin shot traumatised me as a kid. I'm betting it's a large part of the reason I never tried hard drugs.

Last night I watched Inglourious Basterds so I'm thinking tomorrow it had better be Kill Bill or something and carry on my Tarantino week.

The city keeps shaking and things are blaaah but movies are awesome and I shall continue to live in them instead.
-- Victory of Samothrace

I have my suspicions about the comments that are going to be left here and I'm not amused by you.

An excited person on my friendslist just wrote about something and ended it with 'I literally died.' *twitch* *twitch* Please stop misusing that word? Please? You didn't literally die, because you clicked post afterward. You're literally alive.

And now after my small language annoyance of the day, to the shop to collect the important things for life.
Katee: Like your smile made of sun

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

That is to say, isn't it a lovely day outside with sunshine and the earth not shuddering beneath our feet? ('Our' being 'people in Christchurch' so I apologies to foreign readers who are currently being thrown from their chair by tremors.)

Ariadne is trying to drive me crazy with her pestering so I think I'm going to lock her inside a box and then we'll never know if she's still whining unless someone opens the box. Ariadne will be both whining and licking herself and simultaneously not-whining or licking herself. SCIENCE.

I don't actually have a box though.

But I do have tea.
Repo!: I remember

Oh, and the aftershocks seem to have finished too.

I just had the strongest memory of lying in the backseat of my grandparent's car as we drove from Sydney to Canberra while listening to Sherlock Holmes audio books. (I had to just wiki to make sure there was one about a snake and a bell cord. There totally was, just in case you're worried. Don't be.) It made me smile to remember. Dozing through long car trips as a kid is the best.

Sherlock Holmes never fails to make me feel like a little kid again. (Not so much the new movie, but all the old productions and especially reading the books/sections of the books.)

The Hound of the Baskervilles = still the best one. (Which, I suspect, is an opinion on par with 'I think breathing is important for people' or 'man, water really hydrates'.)

This post has no point. It's just random nostalgia.
- Ruffles and laces and candysweet faces

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Gmail has decided that sending emails is too much work for it and it's just not going to do it anymore. Which is fair enough, I suppose. It's not as thought that's your sole purpose or anything. Oh, wait. Pain in the arse.

LFoD is quiet and we are all computering.
X-Files: All things come to an end

I am decidedly damp.

Oh winter, you wet floody mistress. The moat has returned to the driveway as predicted but - OH EXCITING! - Men and their Truck have come to make it go away. This means- SHOCK AWESOME! - that we can leave the property without having to walk through calf-deep freezing water! :D

Although since the weather reports say Canterbury is going to be basically underwater for the next week I am not filled with hope.

Snow. Give me snow.

God, how exciting am I, people? I am the weatherman (coo coo ca choo - I am also the walrus)
Eddie: Covered in beeeees!

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Just watched the truly awful VS Fashion Show. It gets worse and worse every year. Besides, how am I supposed to think it's any good without Adriana Lima and Emanuela de Paula. (Adriana being nine months pregnant means I shall accept her absense. But Emanuela missing is a CRIME.)

Happy Christmas Eve all. I'm sitting watching mum watch Stargate and drinking vodka. I've got nothing much of interest to say really. Hope ya'll get ponies tomorrow!