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Look, I remembered to post again!

Last night we had a combined birthday party for Lara and Alison, and I made them a cake. BEHOLD!

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To be fair, Woot made the actual cake itself since I was just doing to make a flat one but he decided 3D was the way to go. I really didn't think it was going to survive - you can't tell but it's on an impressive lean. It was delcious though and you can tell it's meant to be a Tardis so that's all that matters really. (The both of them are big Who fans, obviously. I only like old Who but I liked making the cake!)

Tomorrow (except it's today now because it's gone 5am) I have an appointment with a dental specialist to talk about a wisdom tooth. I need to get it removed but it turns out that the root is wrapped around the nerve or something so the dentist point blank said he wouldn't take it out. Which... fun. The appointment tomorrow is $200 and that's just for an x-ray and the guy telling me what I can do about it. I dread to think how much the actual removal is going to cost. It literally makes me whole body tense up just thinking about it. (The tooth I got pulled the other week only cost me $140 and I honestly almost cried with relief in the dentist chair.)

Money stress! Everyone loves money stress! I am currently earning $30 under what my rent is which is not at all stressful and making me constantly worried - who would worry about such a thing as that! The current reason for my lack of funds is actually a bit ridiculous - it's because I got a job. I was working a temporary typing position and since I'm on a government benefit I had to declare that money. Which would be all fine and dandy but the job paid fortnightly and the benefit pays weekly, and if you don't declare your earnings every week they have to fine you for it. But if I declared it by the week then I would have a week in between where I had no money whatsoever. Fun, right?

But I'm not working that job anymore and hopefully the next one I find will be weekly! (Not that jobs are exactly easy to find right now. Christchurch being earthquake city it's kind of difficult to find jobs unless you're in the construction business. That one is booming!)

It's my birthday in two weeks-ish and Lara made me put together a list of things I wanted that she could pick from. The list turned out to be all books and comic-related things. I'm rather predictable. (If I was her I'd just pick whichever thing was cheapest. I'm not really fussed about getting presents but she enjoys giving them.)

Speaking of comic books, I went to the Armageddon Expo a few weeks back, which is the geeky sci-fi/fantasy/comics/anime etc etc event we have here each year. It's not exactly ComicCon but we're a wee little place so I suppose that's fair. I even made a costume this year

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Am I not the spitting image of Jean Grey? (After she'd eaten all the other X-Men, obviously.)

Further comic book ramblings: CAPTAIN AMERICA 2: WINTER SOLDIER. Holy shit, Winter Soldier SO EXCITE! It was pretty obvious from the first movie that they were going to eventually bring Bucky back and do the whole Winter Soldier in some way, but still I'm excited by the confirmation! All I need is Bucky/Natasha, you guys. IT'S ALL I WANT IN THIS WORLD. Please please please let me have my comic book true loves on screen! I know it's not likely since Avengers was really setting up Black Widow/Hawkeye as the pairing but BLACK WIDOW/WINTER SOLDIER THEY ARE THE MOST BESTEST LOVERS IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. (Or, at least, in comics. No comic relationship is better... except for Carol Danvers/Jessica Drew - shh! It's real! Shut up!)

Lara and I are both really excited for Silent Hill 2 as well. In my case I don't know why since I am terrible at horror movies! And having now watched the trailer I have even less doubt of my ability to actually make it through the movie without crying in fear. Terrible at horror movies! Atrocious! And yet... want. We're going to go to the movies to see it: this is a Bad Idea. The last horror movies I saw at the cinema were House on Haunted Hill and Thirteen Ghosts, both of which still sort of haunt my memory to this day. So... yeah... cool.

It's started raining. This means busing to appointment adventures in the rain. Always fun!
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Yesterday - in the horrible heat - I went to the Nimbin Show and got swallowed up by all the freaking quaintness within it. They had produce judging, you guys. People brought in their fruit and got to be awarded the ribbons of Best Lemons or Best Eggs. It was like being in the 1950s! They even had Best Scones and Best Chocolate Cake, in which there was a Drama because someone had tried to enter a Chocolate Mud Cake and was thus disqualified. Oh my god, I cannot even tell you how sweet and country town I found all this. There was crocheted blankets being judged!

Today I'm home alone, with both dad and Gwen having gone out to do a wedding at Byron Bay (dad drives the fancy cars and Gwen does the celebrant stuff). But it was too got for me to go to Byron and being here is less melty. I was going to go see Jane Eyre at the movies (Fassbender!) but I've got a shitty copy of it somewhere on a computer anyway.

I went to a gallery opening the other night which was really cool - wine and cheese and artists oh my! - but it became less cool as I got hotter and hotter inside the gallery and people walking past things made them shake and made me begin to panic a little bit. Logically I know that there's no earthquakes here. Logically I know this. But it didn't stop be clinging to dad's side and staring up at what parts of the roof I thought would fall down first.

Uncool, tectonic plates.

I've been watching the episodes of Camelot I have with me here. Well, sort of watching. Okay, I've been fast forwarding whenever Morgana isn't on screen. I predicted this would be the outcome of this show. Eva, I love you so bad and with my body parts. Morgana and Merlin are the only characters of any interest and they need to get to the nasty hate-sex right away please.
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Faramir was about to 'show his quality' *wink wink nudge nudge*

Tonight I went to see the extended Two Towers at the cinema because HELLS YEAH EXTENDED! I have been bouncing around about how thrilled I was that I could see those bits on the big screen!

Peter Jackson appeared on screen right before it and I may have squealed a little. And I was so prepared to have a good cry when Sam did his speech at the end but instead we'd JUST reached past the mid-point of the movie when - AND THIS WILL BE A SURPRISE TO EVERYONE EVER - a huge earthquake tried to shake the cinema down and we had to evacuate. OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS, I'M DYING.

I thought maybe we could hang around and wait for them to start it up again, but then we saw the cracks through the tiles in the lobby. So... yeah. We came home.

This is all sort of ironic in that a portion of ticket sales go to earthquake appeal.
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It's always about earthquakes from now on, okay?

Way too tired for this.

Here's all the earthquake news nice and up to date minute by shaking god damn minute if you want it.

Christchurch mayor Bob Parker said officials were "still in the information gathering stage" but the city was unlikely to be plunged back into a state of emergency.


Apparently I've reached the point of exhaustion where I don't care any more about the shaking. Whatever, shaking.

Oh, and the water is off again.
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That was a really big aftershock and I am very quite upset and not okay right now and I was clinging to the doorway and almost burst into tears. I haven't done that at the aftershocks for a little while.

But we still have power and water. Thank god for that.

aaaaaand there's the little aftershock to follow it. I may have just run to the doorway chanting "no no no no no." I'm calm. I'm collected. I'm cool.

The sirens on the street outside are going mad.

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Went in to get my flu jab today and on the way home we drove through town and I got to see Colombo Street at the cordon for the first time.



It's... not good. It's really really not good. For the first time since the earthquake this shit is actually starting to sink in for me. Our city is so very fucked. All bricks and cracks and streets we can't go down. The video on this page is really upsetting.

I read that they're hoping to open up the central city again by the end of October. I'm not sure how anyone can think this is back to normal when we can't even get into the CBD for another seven months.
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Watching Pulp Fiction. Holy shit, I remember now how much the scene where they give Uma Thurman the adrenelin shot traumatised me as a kid. I'm betting it's a large part of the reason I never tried hard drugs.

Last night I watched Inglourious Basterds so I'm thinking tomorrow it had better be Kill Bill or something and carry on my Tarantino week.

The city keeps shaking and things are blaaah but movies are awesome and I shall continue to live in them instead.
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It's been a week since it happened now. phfa always manages to write these long thoughtful posts about things that go on forever down my page and make me think and make me happy and sad and emotional but I can't write like that. So all I will say is this:

I don't have enough ♥s for this city, this wonderful, amazing city with wonderful amazing people that have given me so much and made me so happy (and sometimes so sad, but those parts are important as well) and I know that we're going to make it through and be stronger. We will rebuild (in every way) and when we finally come out the other side of this horrible thing we'll be stronger. I have to have absolute faith in that.

And I do.
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My livejournal is so depressing recently.

Death toll is 147 and the police say the final number will likely be just over 200.

Part of me says thank god it's not more, but then the rest of me knows that every one of those lives is connected to other lives that will be in mourning for a very long time. I'm so relieved that none of my friends are among the missing or dead.

Of all the photos I've seen of the city, of all the tumbling buildings and broken churches and piles of rubble, I think this simple view down Colombo St disturbs me more than any other.